Gas prices vs. global warming/climate change

Published 3:28 pm Friday, June 10, 2022

To the Editor:
Gas prices are at historic levels and appear to be heading higher. If you listen to the media you will hear reasons for this situation that will serve to protect the liberals in our government. They blame it on the Ukraine war and the Arabic oil cartel’s refusal to increase production. Of course it is also linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they talk about price gouging at the pumps. Next they will blame the petroleum industry (accused of windfall profits). But how do you explain the fact that the U.S. was energy independent just two years ago? In fact we were exporting energy. This was a result of having known oil and natural gas reserves that were sufficient for several hundred years. But what has happened? Starting in January/February 2020 the change began.The Keystone oil pipeline was discontinued. New exploration for oil and natural gas on land and along the coast was stopped. Thus the major sources of our energy independence were shut down. These actions can be attributed to the present administration in D.C.
But it took several months for the effect of these changes to become apparent at the gas pump. The large inventory had to first be depleted after which the administration took a dangerous action by tapping into our strategic oil supply to temporarily slow down the increase in gas prices during the winter (holiday) season. Using oil from the strategic supply left our nation vulnerable to national emergencies such as a war or major weather event. This was nothing more than a political maneuver. In any event after these occurrences the gas prices began to rise rapidly.
Of course higher fuel costs result in higher transportation costs which in turn leads to higher food costs as well as higher costs for other commodities. This can be summed up in one word: inflation. To make the inflation picture even worse the government keeps printing money. This is a deadly combination for the consumer. Another seldom mentioned effect of this situation is the distinct possibility of rolling blackouts due to decreased electrical generating capacity.
Now let’s turn to the behind the scene agenda(s) that have led to this economic situation. The agenda is GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE. This questionable agenda hinges on the elimination of or drastic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2); i.e., reduction and elimination of all sources of CO2. The information that is used to supposedly justify this agenda is based on exaggerated claims about the future; i.e., fear mongering. Don’t forget the exaggerated claims made by Gore many years ago. It never happened. In any event this would involve the elimination of all fossil fuels; i.e., oil, natural gas, wood and coal. This is what led to shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, elimination of on shore and off shore drilling for oil and natural gas and the shutdown of coal fired power plants.Their goal also includes the elimination of all hydrocarbon burning vehicles. The more radical proponents of this agenda also want to minimize the size of animal herds. The elites/progressives alternative is to use renewable resources to generate electricity then convert to electric cars, electric trucks, electric trains, electric aircraft, etc. This is utterly ridiculous at the present state of technology. We do not have the electrical generating capacity nor do we have the necessary distribution grid. The only way to come close to maintaining our current standard of living is to bring on line a large number of nuclear power plants. This will require many years. In addition the state of art of battery technology is also not sufficient to meet the demand. Another fact that is not mentioned is that the pollution associated with making batteries exceeds that of using hydrocarbon fuels. In addition it is seldom mentioned that the largest source of CO2 is the oceans. Of course the cancel culture tries to eliminate or discredit the above facts so the people are not exposed to the truth.
What will this agenda finally lead to: laws that will force the people to abide by the global warming rules. Your freedoms to chose will be greatly curtailed in that you will buy what the government specifies and your use of energy will be restricted. In short it means the government will have more control of your life. Your freedoms will be limited.
Given the present situation of high gas prices, there are a few things you can do to optimize your gas mileage. Historically cars have been designed to run most efficiently in the 55 to 65 mph range. If you go above this range your efficiency quickly goes down. The higher the speed the poorer the efficiency; i.e., the lower your gas mileage. At speeds below this range the gas mileage is also lower but nothing compared to the reduced efficiency at the upper speeds. To test your vehicle take a 100-mile or more trip. Fill up your vehicle and drive in the 55 to 65 mph range for the trip, then fill up again and drive the return trip in the 70 to 75 plus mph range, then compare the amount of gas used.
What is the foundational problem that has led to the above situation and other ailments that affect our nation? The people in our government and most industries have forgotten the command to “love others as you love yourself.” If every decision made and law implemented the following questions were asked we would not have the animosity we see today: How will this affect others and will it be in the best interest of the public’s welfare (not handouts)? If we just lived by the old song “others, yes others; let me thinks of others, let this my motto be.” In short you cannot leave God out of a nation and expect it to prosper indefinitely. Without Godly wisdom, a nation is doomed.

J. Ronald Winter

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