Restaurant review part2

Published 12:26 pm Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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4. Si Senior, It’s the new kid on the block but a very, very good one. Being it is in Gray up on a hill where most restaurants do not last for some odd reason it does stand an honest chance of success. My son and I tried it when it first opened and upon entering we were greeted warmly. The interior décor is far superior than most of the restaurants in the surrounding area. After we were given the menu my son who is 8 noticed that they offer a breakfast burrito of bacon, egg and cheese and for some reason French fries. He of course did not want the fries on it and when he received it he had dinner and breakfast for the next day. The burrito was massive. Prices are very good. And on our second visit they still remember us! They knew he did not want fries so the same waiter came out took our order and on returning handed my son his burrito and added. “Extra fries right?” my son looked at me with mock horror knowing the waiter was joking. I highly recommend this place.

5. Casa Nostra oddly enough this restaurant was in the same space as Si Senior but they moved because of slow business. Well I liked them while they were there. I would love to give a nice review for them. Unfortunately every time I want to eat at their new location they are closed.

6. Dominoes. I will be up front about Domino’s. I am not a fan of their pizzas but it will do in a pinch. And this one time I was in said pinch, so I placed my order online. And we waited and waited and waited. This particular dominoes is located in Bristol Va. And then I got an email that said they let me down. So okay I called and asked what happened and they began to tell me that that would be a two hour wait and that it would be there as soon as possible. When it does finally arrive the driver says sorry it’s late, so I replied you know it’s probably cold by now he simply says “Yes.” The added. “Did you order online?” I said yes. “And he said you should have called it in, they would have told you it was a two hour wait.” So it was my fault for not calling it in. So it was cold pizza for dinner.

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