Has Joe Biden abandoned ‘We the People?’ All signs point to Yes

Published 2:36 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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When the great American experiment began, our Founding Fathers envisioned a nation that worked for “We the People” and enshrined that vision in the Constitution. But, when I talk to Tennesseans, it is clear that they no longer believe that those in charge of the federal government have their best interests at heart. Tennesseans are frightened for the future and beyond frustrated with an administration that has thrown away the Founders’ promises.

With Joe Biden and his Democratic allies at the helm, party priorities come first. Their attempts to satisfy the radical left have thrown the country into chaos. The administration’s relentless spending has forced inflation to a 40-year high and put our economy on the brink of a recession. Every town is a border town under Biden’s open-border agenda, and the Democrats’ failure to support law enforcement has enabled criminals to destroy our communities. In the classroom, parents have been sidelined by unions intent on pushing Critical Race Theory and revisionist biology.

This blind, unpredictable partisanship has all but destroyed any ability for Americans to plan for the future. In the Volunteer State, high gas prices are leaving drivers stranded on highways and a trip to the grocery store can blow the family budget. Tennesseans feel hopeless — but what’s even more discouraging is that the left is doing this on purpose. The Democrats’ version of the “American Dream” is far from our Founders’ vision of charting your own path. To the left, the American Dream is an America dependent on the government.

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The White House and Congressional Democrats may have thrown away the promise of “We the People,” but that doesn’t mean the rest of us should lose hope. In Tennessee, I hear from families working tirelessly to make this country better for their children and grandchildren. On Capitol Hill, I am embodying this Volunteer Spirit alongside my colleagues by pushing forward policies that will fix the problems caused by the left’s agenda. I am leading the charge to stop the inflationary spending spree and improve supply chains to help lower historically high prices. During National Police Week this year, I introduced a resolution supporting our police officers, backing border patrol agents, and calling on the White House to combat crime. Just last week, I championed a resolution celebrating Title IX and the importance of preserving equal opportunity for biological women.
Ultimately, the American people are suffering under the president’s failed leadership. Rather than blindly pushing ahead, Joe Biden and the radicals in his party need to remember the Founders’ promises, abandon their disastrous agenda, and start fighting for the future that “We the People” deserve.
(Sen. Marsha Blackburn represents Tennessee in the U.S. Senate.)