Writer against anti-Christian, anti-female Equality Act

Published 12:32 pm Friday, July 8, 2022

To the Editor:
Nancy Pelosi, who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and third in line to be president, has many extreme positions which isn’t surprising since she represents San Francisco, Calif. Pelosi believes in taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion up to birth. A survey found 90 percent of Americans reject this position on abortion according to www.lifenews.com. Pelosi supports transgender female student athletes to compete on women’s and girls sports. A survey found people are against transgender females athletes to compete on women’s and girls sports by 2 to 1 according to www.christianheadlines.com
Pelosi, like Biden, is against parents’ rights and supports allowing transgenders to use the restroom of their choice, open borders, and gun control which the majority disagree with. Because gas prices have doubled since Biden came into office, crime has risen, prices have risen, open border is out of control and there are baby formula shortages. Biden’s popularity is the lowest of any president in history.
This year over 1 million people have joined the Republican party to vote against Biden and his policies in the midterms in November. Nancy Pelosi will lose her job if globalists allow an election in November!
Pelosi has said that passing the Equality Act is her highest priority in U.S. Congress. I am against the anti-Christian, anti-female and anti-parent Equality Act. The Equality Act would change the Civil Rights and Fair Housing acts to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes. The bill would affect housing, education, credit, public accommodation and other areas. It also would expand the definition of “public accommodation” to include any group that provides a good service, or program, and make it illegal for anyone who is being charged with discrimination to invoke the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in defense. Christians should strongly oppose the legislation because it would remove constitutional freedoms such as religious liberty and conscience protections.
Rev. Franklin Graham denounces the Equality Act and calls it a very dangerous bill that will diminish religious freedom. Graham said despite the positive sounding name it is deceiving and has nothing to do with equality. Graham added it would destroy women’s and girls’ sports in this country in favor of biological males self-identified as female to compete for titles, scholarships and recognition at all age levels. Because of the superior God given biological strength and speed of males, only the sport of shooting (marksmanship) and horse riding have women dominated men.
The Equality Act would undermine civil rights of women and girls by opening restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms and shower facilities to biological males who identify as females. Homeless shelters and shelters for battered women would also have to allow biological males. Women and girls deserve access to private spaces when they visit their local gym or use the restroom. I have talked to transgenders and most would never hurt anyone. However, pedophilia and rapists have claimed to be transgender to make it less difficult to rape women and children.
Graham said with some 6000 years of human history it has only been in the last few years people have come up with all of these new gender identity designations. One of the curses God allows on evil countries like America is madness/insanity according to Deuteronomy 28 and Romans 1. The natural condition of the world is disorder and chaos. Those who reject Jesus have to live in disorder and chaos because only Jesus gives order!
I agree with Dennis Prager. It’s unfair to have transgender biological males competing in female sports and dominating women’s sports. This would cause women to lose college scholarships and would end female sports. According to Prager, one transgender biological male boxing a female put her in the hospital in serious condition. Now more women on the left — like Bette Midler and Macy Gray — are saying the truth: women are losing their rights. Transgenderism is anti-female! Dr. Bill Donohue said, “The Equality Act is without a doubt the most radical assault on religious liberty, the right to life and privacy rights ever packaged into one bill.” The Equality Act is the kind of legislation that is no different from the laws that have said all must bow down to an evil king and worship him as god, or be put to death. We are commanded to bow down to the liberal (left) politically correct idols and say they are good and we celebrate them or lose our jobs.
Americans need to remember the greatest judge is soon coming and His judgments are of far more consequence. They are eternal. Judges and even Supreme Courts come and go, but Jesus alone is supreme on earth as in heaven — both now and forever! Soon every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord! “Seek the Lord Jesus while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near!”

D.D. Nave

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