Her Prince

Published 2:03 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2022

By Lorie Ann McReynolds
In case you missed the previous here is a recap. . .
Part 2
Just Her and God
During all those sleepless nights, God was preparing her for what was to come. He saw things she didn’t. He heard things she didn’t. And He knew things she didn’t. God was her rock. He was the only one she could count on now. You keep you in perfect peace whose mind stays on you for he trusts in you. She kept repeating that verse over and over again. The relationship between her and her husband was barely tolerable. She knew everything in her life was God caused or God allowed. And she couldn’t figure out why He wasn’t answering her prayers.But He was. He wasn’t answering them the way she wanted Him to. He was answering them in the way it was best for her. Lately, the tension in their home was unbearable. She was suffocating when she was near her husband. She spent most of her time just trying to stay out of his way.

One Saturday, she went to a baseball game to watch her friend’s kids play. It was a good game and good weather. The fall air was moving in but still warm enough to get a slight sunburn. She was in such a good mood she thought about texting her husband to ask if he wanted her to pick up some food on her way home. But she didn’t. She didn’t want to hear his excuses. She pulled into her driveway and noticed his truck wasn’t there. Sadness struck her. She wondered where he had gone this time. She walked into the house and saw his shoes gone. She went into their bedroom and saw his dresser gone. She looked in the closet and saw an empty space where his clothes had hung. She went into the bathroom and saw his toothbrush missing from its place next to hers. He had moved out while she was at the game. She sat down in a chair in the living room She was in shock, but she didn’t cry. Then, she felt this relief wash over her. No more fighting, no more tension, no more ugliness. She even felt her appetite coming back.

God showed her that He was all she needed. She learned that God permits what He hates to accomplish that in which He loves. God showed her that He was able. He was going to be her comforter, her provider, and her protector. On her worst day, God was with her. On her best day, God was with her. He was always at work around her. She is part of His story. God was going before her. And He still is. Indeed, He is a good, good Father.

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Part 3
Her Prince
The hardest words for her to comprehend was when her husband told her he wanted a divorce. She had been praying for God to heal her marriage but that was not part of God’s plan for her. She trusted God and realized that she couldn’t live like this anymore. With a broken heart, she decided to proceed with the divorce that she never wanted.

Once her divorce was final, she had a season of just her and God. She realized she could make it on her own. God would help her. He would put people in her life to support her and remind her just how far she had come. God eventually healed her heart. She began praying that God would send her a companion. A man who loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him as much as she did. He had to be a Christian and have a good heart. She wanted someone to have dinner with. To go to the movies with. Or just sit and talk with them. She missed that.

She met a few guys that were just not what she was looking for. She had all but given up meeting someone she would like to spend time with. Then, she met him. He had the greatest smile. And he was an author. That had been a dream of hers ever since she was a little girl. So, she reached out to him. He was so gracious and so kind and so very funny. They started talking and realized they had so much in common. Neither one of them was looking for anything serious but God had other plans for them. They talked every day, several times a day. The way he treated her, and the way he talked to her made her realize this is what a real relationship is supposed to be like. A relationship is never meant to be one sided. There is give and take by each person. It is a partnership. But most of all he makes her laugh.Not a tiny little laugh, but a big boisterous laugh. He makes her feel loved. She can see the love he has for her when he smiles at her.He is strong and fierce and has such cute dimples. He has her heart, and she has his. She knows that he will always be there for her and her for him. While he may not be perfect, he is perfect for her.