Climate changes vs. sun activity

Published 11:36 am Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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To the Editor:
The latest hysteria from the Biden administration deals with climate change;  i.e., a so called climate crisis.  This will replace the COVID plandemic and the recent turmoil over Roe vs. Wade being overturned.  This topic is a perfect lead up to the fall elections as well as an opportunity for the climate control elites to further control our lives and limit our freedoms.
 Due to congress not being able to pass a liberal climate control (Green) agenda, Biden may declare we have a CLIMATE EMERGENCY.  This would allow him to use executive powers to implement the green energy agenda. This could further crush our economy by leading to additional restrictions on the use of fossil fuels and thus curtail the generation of electricity. This ill conceived action could lead to rolling electrical blackouts in regions already on the verge of having rolling blackouts and could eventually could lead to rolling electrical blackouts throughout the nation.
Along with this, we will be pounded with the tremendous aspects of using electrical cars.  A liberal media blitz. Anyone who mentions the down side of electric cars will be canceled.  Well as the electrical generating capacity versus the needs becomes critical (continuing blackouts), the government will issue restrictions on energy usage.  You may be limited to so many kilowatts per day.  Again fear will be used to further this agenda. The sad part of all of this is that it is all government induced; i.e., artificially created. It is another case of government deception that will further limit our freedoms.  If you think this can’t happen, just remember what happened during the COVID plandemic.
But the thing that bothers me the most is that we have not heard a single word about the activity of the SUN.  The sun is the primary source of energy on the earth and has a dramatic effect on the climate.  It is the primary source of short-term and long-term weather patterns/changes.  The duration and intensity of climate changes depend on the duration and severity of sun activity including sun spot activity.   There are also effects from outside our solar system.  NASA and associated agencies have been unbelievably quiet on this situation.  Based on the experiences with COVID where the truth has been and is still being canceled (called miss or false information), we can be assured that the truth about sun activity and its effects will be canceled.  If anyone has the fortitude to tell the truth about sun/sun spot activity and the associated effect on the earth’s climate, he will be canceled.  He will be drowned by the liberal media as directed by the elites.  His name will be drug through the mud and accused of being a source of false information.
In the end you have to realize that the elites are taking advantage of the normal climate phenomena associated with the sun over which we have no control.  As indicated previously the overall climate changes/trends over the centuries can be mainly attributed to sun activity and not a result of any human activity.   It is the varying levels of sun activity as augmented by the earth’s rotation and its oscillation along its north-south axis (seasonal changes) that is the source (driving force) for all climate changes either short-term or long-term.  Due to the interaction of these three variables there will never be any exact repeating climate cycles.  Trends may repeat but will never be exactly the same.
Again if you look back over the centuries you will see that there have been very large normal changes in climate that are worse than what we are seeing presently. The only known significant transient climate changes in the past are associated with huge volcanoes.  Note: one major volcanic eruption emits more greenhouse gases than would be produced by man in 250 years.  The only other thing within our planet that has the potential to cause a significant transient climate change would be a worldwide nuclear war.
Man has been trying to control the climate/weather for hundreds of years. One attempt involved seeding clouds to produce rain. Another attempt involved trying to put microscopic particles in the atmosphere to alter the radiation or type of radiation reaching the earth. More recently there have been attempts to inject charged particles into the ionosphere to modify/control the weather.  If man does anything that changes the bounds of the three basic variables established at creation, the established system will rebalance itself and bring all parameters back within the established limits. Our solar system is a remarkable balanced aquarium created by God. The system is only tainted by the sinful nature of man and his desire to be God and control/manipulate things according to his desires instead of living within the constraints ordained at creation.   The results of man’s ill conceived desires are also evident throughout society today.
 Behind the scenes, all of this manipulation is part of a scheme to further move the world toward a one world government and gradual loss of individual freedoms.  This is in lock step with the so called GLOBAL RESET being pushed by Klaus Schwab via the World Economic Forum.  If people do not stand up against such schemes, we will end up living in a society that is full of arbitrary restrictions issued by the elites.
J. Ronald Winter

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