Chancery & Circuit Courts & Realty Transfers

Published 12:06 pm Friday, July 29, 2022

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Chancery Court
New River Building Supply Inc. vs. Jayson D. Rockett, Megan Rockett (enforce foreign judgment).
Danny Harrold Cole (name change).
William B. Daniels and Cheryl Daniels vs. PRS Construction, Derrick Grindstaff and Elizabeth Grindstaff (contract debt).
Larry Scott Vanhoy vs. Kateela Ramona Faye Serrano (divorce).

Circuit Court
Rhea Maccubbin vs. George Maccubbin (child support).
Clyde Lester Garland III and Briana Nawassa Buck vs. Evans and Evans Real Estate, Jennifer Lusk, James Davidson, Red Line Home Inspections, Scott Smith, Christa Bard, and RAH Homes (damages.)

Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions have been recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office.
Joseph Allen Desrocher to Deborah A. Desrocher et vir, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Julie M. Decker to Anton J. Decker, Dist. 9, quitclaim
Daniel K. Anderson to Matthew Lynn Peters, Dist. 13, $270,000
Kelley C. Green to Marshall Karesh, Dist. 5, $170,000
Sam Jerry Street et ux to Jody W. Hill, Dist. 11, $70,000
Ryan McDermid to Ryan McDermid et al, Dist. 1, quitclaim
Stephen Murray to Alexander C. Conner, Dist. 7, $160,000
Iva Lee Garland, Teddy Morton, Michael Morton, Jeff Morton, Vivian Jan Michalski, and William David Bryant, personal rep to William David Bryant, Dist. 8, $100,000
Jimmy A. Davis to Shonda Davis, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Keith Lyons to Montie Keith Lyons II et al, Dist. 6, $10,000
Gregory K. Williams to Melissa Denise Williams Elsea, Dist. 7, quitclaim
Joanne Walding Walker et al to Cynthia Ferguson et al, Dist. 7, quitclaim
Amy Callis Britt et al to East Apartments LLC, Dist. 7, $415,000
Scotty L. Hayes et ux to Jimmy Roberts et ux, Dist. 6, $85,000
James Hoilman to Jason Russell et ux, Dist. 6, $48,500
John Curtis, Jr. to David Cooper, Dist. 9, $2,670
Lena Humphreys to Lena Humphreys et al, Dist. 13, quitclaim
James G. Jolly to Patrick O’Neal et al, Dist. 1, $625,000
Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ to The Altar Fellowship Inc., Dist. 6, $1,000,999
Mary E. Fields to Robert Boswell Fields, Dist. 9, quitclaim
Andrew W. Hill et al to Tony Conyer et al, Dist. 17, $110,000
Oda Eugene Pierce et ux to Oda Eugene Pierce et al, Dist. 9, quitclaim
David Mark Markland to Robert V. Hardin et ux, Dist. 9, $5,000
SLI Enterprises LLC to LP Partners, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Jennifer Lynn Cardwell Perkins to Tony Charles Campbell, Jr., Dist. 7, $3,000
Richard R. Bowie to Richard R. Bowie, trustee, Dist. 9, quitclaim
James R. Witte to Teresa W. Dailey, Dist. 6, $420,000
Teresa M. Dailey to Ingrid Ann Angst, trustee, Dist. 6, $420,000
Cathy L. Hampton to Eirc Miort et al, Dist. 4, $83,500
Mackenzi Street to Joseph Greenwell, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Edward C. Maguire et al to Joshua Smith et al, Dist. 3, $159,900
Dylan S. Bowers et al to Dustin Bragman et al, Dist. 12, $50,000
Joseph R. Garland to Steve A. Humphrey, Dist. 11, $20,000
Michael Anthony Grindstaff et ux to Brenda S. Brittain, Dist. 7, $28,500
Larry Keith Scalf to Shawn Stella, Dist. 5, $153,000
Kevin W. Walker et al to SC Roan Owner LLC, Dist. 5, $9,000,000
Marion Earl Honeycutt to Megan Danielle Ramirez et vir, Dist. 15, $8,000
Julie Ann Towe to William Wayne Towe II, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Courtney Brooke Hayward et al to Shannon Day, Dist. 11, $150,000
Betty Prigge to Betty J. Prigge, successor trustee, no district listed, quitclaim
Steven L. Anderson to Eric L. Anderson et al, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Mark Forbes et al to Dameion Rutherford et ux, Dist. 2, $30,000
Carrie Cagle et al to William J. Crum, Dist. 10, $313,000
William G. Hazelwood et ux to David Cagle et al, Dist. 6, $560,000
Kevin Burrow et al to Linda D. Kuras, Dist. 7, $249,900
Michael Wayne Morris et ux to Gina Maria Sustache et al, Dist. 2, $33,900
Holli Honeycutt to Heather Honeycutt, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Barbara B. Bryant to Charles M. Grindstaff, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Elatia F. Oxendine et al to Karmet Baker, Dist. 2, $52,000
David Wayne Ceylon to David Bass et al, Dist. 18, quitclaim

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