After the cell phone, what next?

Published 4:30 pm Friday, August 19, 2022

To the Editor:
The cell phone now controls a lot of our life. Don’t leave home without it! Through the cell phone in conjunction with GOOGLE they know where you are all the time, where you have been and every store you visit.
With the advent of AI (artificial intelligence) what is the next step after the cell phone? It is speculated that it will be the Brainphone. It will be a step toward integrating humans with the electro/mechanical world. This new cell phone will be tied to or inserted in the brain. The government and media will recommend it. The device will allow the government to monitor your activity and thoughts. You mix this with AI and you have the distinct possibility that you will be controlled by the government or a large corporation. If it is implanted in your forehead it would be like the mark of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelations.
The device in conjunction with AI will have the potential to control all you do; i.e., whether you can buy or sell, where you can go, etc. This will lead to a new level of human existence, perhaps servitude. It is important that we resist this new technology. Sadly, many young people will accept this without questioning its effect on their future.
To further explore this topic obtain the book by Dr. Scott Snair entitled “Brainphone Prophecy.”

Ronald Winter

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