Surveillance culture: What is it leading to?

Published 1:02 pm Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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To the Editor:
We are slowly being overwhelmed with surveillance technology. There is voice recognition, facial recognition, retina recognition, DNA recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. All of this information is being digitized and rather rapidly being placed in a huge data base. From the data base you can be watched/monitored no matter what you are doing or where you are going. Personal privacy is slowly going to disappear; i.e., your freedoms will be compromised. Eventually a huge computer, the BEAST, along with a host of algorithms will be in charge of you. It will know more about you than you know about yourself. It will know your likes and dislikes, know your fears and can thus manipulate you, know your strengths and weaknesses, know your mental status, know your medical status, etc. You will eventually be given a living profile within which you will live. This will allow you to be controlled/manipulated for the dictated benefits of the system which may or may not be for your personal benefit. It will limit your ability/freedom to try or enjoy new things or adventures if they are outside your selected profile. In short you will not be free but you may not even realize it. This system is available now. It just needs to be implemented perhaps through executive orders. It would fit in with the cancel culture that we are already experiencing.
With the advent of the BRAINPHONE or a chip in the brain the BEAST will be able to even know your thoughts and thus interact with you. Persons that accept this technology must realize that the BEAST will know your plans as you formulate them and take action if they don’t agree with your profile. In short it will have the ability to control your thought life. Your freedoms will no longer exist. It will be a life of servitude. Fear will be the mechanism used to implement this technology just as it was used during the COVID pandemic.
As for the controlling computer, the BEAST, it is important to realize it was designed by people who are vulnerable and make mistakes. Likewise the designers are fallen creatures and thus are biased and agenda driven, thus the BEAST will reflect their nature. As a result the BEAST will not be neutral in its decision process. Mercy and  grace will not be one of its attributes. At some point the BEAST will have such a vast data base as well as a wealth of algorithms such that no person or group of persons can manipulate/control it. Out of frustration these people will essentially let it take control of itself. Perhaps as an outward manifestation of the BEAST there will be a SUPER ROBOT (SR) who comes to life when it is energized. SR, which will be fully integrated with the BEAST, may demand obedience and allegiance as if it was god; i.e., it will want your worship. Even though those who created the BEAST/SR will marvel at their creation and claim they now control the world, the BEAST/SR will finally control them. It is important to realize that all of this will be orchestrated by the evil one, the great deceiver; i.e., he will use man to achieve his evil goals.
How does all this fit in with the present world situation and the overall quest for a one world government; i.e., a one world economy, a one world religion, a one world military, a one world media, etc. The surveillance scheme will be a major contributor to this effort; i.e., it will be in lock step with the GREAT RESET of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM and associated globalists. It will be the major method used for control and  main means of enforcement. It should be obvious that the whole surveillance scheme and the resulting BEAST and SR are nothing more than an attempt by humans to make man the god of this world.
At the same time, in parallel with this surveillance scheme, the trans-humanism movement (DNA manipulation, etc.) will be pursued as well as genetic engineering. Thus you will have human robots/human animal hybrids along with humans who have been genetically modified. The creatures resulting from these efforts will no longer be strictly  human. The atheists, who are promoting these endeavors, say they are continuing the evolution of humans to their perfect state. Again, they are trying to be gods and remove the curse; i.e., the results of the fall. The atheistic people who support these efforts refuse to realize that a human being can only be made perfect through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. In any event these resulting creatures will still be controlled by the BEAST/SR. Once this corruption of humankind occurs I feel God will destroy this world just as in the days of Noah.
In reality only God knows everything. He knows all you do, all your plans and your every thought. He is fully aware of our fallen nature and how we are lured by Satan. But unlike the BEAST/SR God is merciful and companionate to man who He created in His image. He is likewise willing to forgive us. He is the ultimate in that He is omniscience, omnipresent and omnipotent. He will ultimately and justly deal with these schemes of fallen man and Satan as explained in the Book of Revelations. Until that time it is important that we maintain a worldview based on the TRUTH and not deception.
J. Ronald Winter

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