Everyone has their own special day — even weirdos

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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Wonderful Weirdos Day is celebrated across America September 9 — that is, according to the Chase Calendar of Events. Everyone has their day, even weirdos, and we all know at least one.
There’s nothing as unexciting as being predictable and boring. But thankfully for all of us, we all have some weird traits or characteristics. This weirdness is exactly what makes us unique. Weirdos make our lives all the more interesting. We all have our quirks — quirks that break the monotony of the day. Sometimes they annoy us, other times they make us laugh.
It’s no surprise that we celebrate our weirdness since weirdos have existed for as long as humans have been around. We only have to be a little bit different than everyone else, and just like that, congratulations, you are a weirdo!
Do you ever feel different? A little weird, a little wacky? It’s time to own it, because, as Meryl Streep proclaimed, “what makes you different or weird, that’s your strength.”
But weirdos have not always been thought of as wonderful or even accepted by society. Think of the Salem witch trials. An event that only lasted a year is still spoken about to this day. During these trials, people who were suspected of witchcraft were accused of being guilty and many of them were executed. Even the slightest unusual behavior becomes heavily scrutinized, the result of which is often fatal! Throughout history, society has not necessarily been kind to those who have deviated from acceptable behavior.
It wasn’t until the year 2000, when a handful of citizens of the U.S. city of Austin, Texas, decided that there should be a day for the celebration of the wonderfulness of people who are exceptional, strange, bizarre, unusual and… weird. It first started out with the theme of “Keep Austin Weird” and, admittedly, the citizens of this city have been known for having just a bit more than their fair share of weirdos. The day was sponsored by Tom Roy, which has only added to its charm and delightfulness.
Eventually, this day dedicated to celebrating weird people caught on and now Wonderful Weirdos Day is enjoyed and appreciated all over the United States as well as other places on the globe.
Wonderful Weirdos Day is not an official celebration nor is it a holiday, but people celebrate the day with much enthusiasm anyway, because it’s a day we all feel accepted and understood just the way we are!
You don’t have to do anything to be weird. Sometimes it just happens — dress weird, listen to weird music, watch weird movies, eat weird food. Weirdos bring color and fun to our day.
There’s nothing quite as dull as being normal, boring, average or typical.
There are other days to celebrate this week — some just as weird as National Weird Day. How about Beer Lovers Day, Be Late For Something Day, and Fight Procrastination Day — all being celebrated this week.
Every day of the year there are weird and wonderful events, topics and themes celebrated by groups and individuals around the world.
And it’s not just one unique thing to honor or recognize each day. On any given day of the year, there are several to choose from.
There are also weekly and monthly celebrations. In September, for example, folks all over the globe are recognizing Read A New Book Month, Honey Month, National Grandparents Day, the anniversary of 9-11, when terrorists bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and National Citizenship Day. And, on Sept. 18, 1789, the U.S. took out its first loan — $191,608.81 to pay the salaries of the president, senators, representatives and officers of the first Congress. And, we as a country have been in debt ever since. That’s weird!
Wonderful Weirdos Day is also the day to pause and ask yourself if someone is truly weird or if they are just a little different from you!
This may be a weird editorial, but the writer wanted to be a little weird, that’s all.

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