Published 4:38 pm Friday, September 9, 2022

To the Editor:
It seems like yesterday: but just a few years ago,
Our peaceful life was shattered, by a cowardly foe.
While the nation watched; right before our eyes,
A terrorist attack was launched, out of, our skies.
Many stood and wondered, “How can this thing be?”
Who would dare to attack, The land of the free.
But, these evil acts have surely, made us stronger,
America will not forget those who have wronged her.
So now, on this day, let us all pause to remember,
The lives that were lost on that day in September.
Airline crews and passengers, thinking things were all right,
No way of knowing that this would be their final flight.
Government and Trade Center employees, already at work,
So many lives wiped out quickly; no time for an alert
New York firemen and policemen, answering the call,
Dying when the Twin Towers fell, giving their all.
And the many rescue workers, working hour upon end
Searching through the rubble for companion and friend.
Then, contributions started coming in, like a raging flood.
Labor and food, money and volunteers giving blood
Doctors and nurses working hours without rest
All for our country, that’s why it’s the best.
Standing side by side, regardless of race or creed
Helping to ease the pain of that atrocious deed.
Let us never, never forget the dread and the pain.
Our memories of the dying may never be in vain.
To the heroes and all, who lost loved ones on that day
We now pause and remember with one word to say

Charles Phipps

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