A bit of advice to newly-elected commissioners

Published 4:24 pm Friday, September 16, 2022

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To the Editor:
As the 12 newly-elected Carter County commissioners begin the duties of serving their districts and helping formulate legislation that will take our community into a “better tomorrow,” I would like to pass on a suggestion. When it comes to committee assignments via your requests, I would suggest that you ask for areas that fit your experience and educational backgrounds.
For example, if you have had years of building experience, the Building and Grounds Committee would be a good fit. If you came from a medical background, the Health and Welfare Committee may be the way to use your experience. A former school teacher should be able to help by becoming a member of the Education Committee.
It is now time to give back to the community that elected you to help our elected officials by supporting their effort to make Carter County a better place to raise our families
I would also suggest that the nominating committee be re-worked along the lines of the Washington County model and a committee is developed to assign newly-elected commissioners to standing committee based upon their experience and educational backgrounds. In order for this to work effectively, every commissioner would be prohibited from asking the nominating committee to vote for them. Allow the committee to do their job free of “Good Old Boy” politics.

Charles D. VonCannon
Central Community

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