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Published 3:02 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Politics — A crooked politician gets into office because honest people fail to do their part.
A politician is a person who works up their gums before the election and gums up the works afterward.
We are not so much interested in where a politician stands as we are in which direction he is moving — if any.
Nothing is politically right, which is morally wrong — Abraham Lincoln.
Polite — Politeness is an expensive way of making friends.
A lady gave a little boy an orange. His mother asked, “what do you say to the lady?” The boy thought for a moment and said, “peel it.”
Praise — Men, try praising your wife even if it does frighten her. — Billy Sunday
Destiny — The future destiny of a child is always the work of his mother. — Napoleon
The devil’s meal is all bran.
Do you have time to kill? How about working it to death?
Writing — Writing requires an application of glue to the seat of a chair.
Say it with flowers
Say it with mink,
But never, Oh never,
Say it with ink.
Though authors use the same words, some seem to string them together better.
An author is never successful until he has learned to make his words smaller than his ideas. — R.W Emerson
It’s not the It’s the
Ability Aim
Beauty Book
Delivery Decisions
Hate Harvest
To serve — What we can do for Christ is the test of service; what we can suffer for him is the test of love.
Poverty — Being poor is a problem, but being rich is not the answer. — C. Grant
Ego — A high brow is a person educated beyond their own intelligence.
An egoist is an “I” specialist.
When people are wrapped up in themselves, they make a pretty small package.
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