Writer says social and environmental justices are evil and not justice

Published 12:18 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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To the Editor:
Justice demands all people be equal under the law. Social justice means getting what you don’t deserve because you are favored. Social justice and environmental justice are vague terms globalists/left use to justify whatever they are doing. When an adjective is put before the word “justice” we no longer have justice and the adjective undermines real justice. Some globalists/left say social justice is working for equal access to education, universal healthcare, gay rights, income equality, women’s rights, racial equality, or saving the environment. Globalists/left agree it’s working for more government to do “good things” like socialism.
People in socialist countries are hungry and trying to come to America. Socialism goes against the Bible. Violent protesters who want to defund police and let everyone out of prison are communists who support socialism. The Bible says it is wrong to steal. It’s wrong to steal from the poor or the rich. The 10th commandment says not to covet. It’s evil for the rich to be selfish and greedy but it’s just as evil for the poor to covet.
Both the rich and poor and all races and people need Jesus to change them. Social justice says it is acceptable and not a crime to steal and destroy if you are a victim. The push for social justice riots did two billion dollars in damages to America and cost lives. Social justice and environmental justice are evil and aren’t justice. Biden gave poor countries a billion dollars for environmental justice. Many countries will soon be destroyed in the name of environmental justice.
Real justice is of the highest importance to God. Psalm 89:14 “righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne.” Dealing with injustice is one of the hardest things for people to go through. God sees everything. (Psalm 139) God will punish all evil. (Proverbs 11 and Isaiah 13:) God uses injustice to sanctify (mature) the believer. (James 1) Romans 8 suggests that God works all things (including injustice) for good to those who love Him. This is seen in the case of Joseph who was sold into slavery but God worked it for good. No Christian can be a permanent victim because God can work all things out for good for those who love Him. The greatest injustice the world has ever seen was the death of Jesus on the cross and it worked for the most good. Jesus suffered so there would be justice and we could have a relationship with God. Either Jesus pays for your sins and you go to Heaven or you pay for your sins forever in Hell. Either way there will be justice!
Real justice comes from spreading the gospel not working for social justice or environmental justice. Christians know the gospel (good news) is Jesus died for sin, was buried and rose again and is the only one that can forgive sin and make us just. Many Christians wrongly believe we must choose between fighting for environmental and social justice, fighting injustice and spreading the good news of Jesus. However, clearly failing to speak the truth of the gospel is ultimately the greatest injustice of all. The human heart is the source of injustice so the gospel is the only real solution. Making sharing the gospels transforming truth and power the highest priority. The human right to know Jesus and make Him known is the greatest human right. Knowing the gospel is in fact every human’s greatest need and right and therefore the greatest justice issue of our time. Our highest calling is to spread the gospel — the only truth that has the proven power to positively change our world, by changing us from the inside out!

D.D. Nave

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