Oh, What A Night…from a shepherd’s perspective

Published 11:49 am Friday, December 16, 2022

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That night was like most others; while out watching the sheep,
On a Judean hillside, we were trying out best, not to fall asleep.
Suddenly, an Angel appeared, it quickly filled us with fright,
Then, all around it, the sky glowed with a most awesome light.
The Angel then said, “I bring you good news, no need to fear,
This is great news, great joy, for all the people on earth, to hear.
On this day in the City of David, there has been, a great birth,
Our long awaited Savior, Christ the Lord, has come to earth.
For those who would wish to see Him, I will now, give you a sign,
In a manger, a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, you will find.
Suddenly, with the Angel, a Host of Heaven began to fill the sky,
Let there be peace on earth, they said, praising God on High.
As we Angels were going away into Heaven, we began to agree,
We must go to Bethlehem; find what the Angels want us to see.
As we walked along, I wondered, I couldn’t understand at all,
How someone this important, would begin life in a cattle stall.
When we arrived, someone said, there were many people in town,
A barn was the only place to spend the night, that could be found.
We told everyone about the Angel, all the many things He said,
Then we found the Baby, wrapped in cloths, in the manger bed.
The mother said very little, but her face seemed to glow with joy,
As if she knew, there was something special about her Baby Boy.
After we saw it, we told everyone about the things we had heard,
But I wondered, if all who had listened, really took us at our word.
Then we left, glorifying, praising God, our visit now was through,
Because we new what the Angel told us was absolutely true.
Everywhere we went, we told the story of the precious Baby Boy,
We would now spread the Angel’s words, “Tidings of Great Joy.”
Now I understand, the manger, swaddling clothes, the barn, the stall,
The lowly humble beginnings, made the good news available to us all.
Being born in Royalty, in a Castle or Palace, with just a few to see,
Would have taken a long time to reach people like you and Me.
(Editor’s Note: This piece based on the words from the second chapter of Luke’s Gospel was written by Charlie Phipps this Christmas season. Phipps is a retired school teacher who lives in Elizabethton.)

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