Nave’s thoughts on abortion pills

Published 12:15 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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To the Editor:
This month pro-lifers mourn the loss of over 60 million unborn babies. After 50 years is there anything most people don’t know about the negative consequences of abortion? Yes! There are many shocking statistics/facts and side effects of abortion that the majority don’t know according to and For those who say my statistics are not correct check these websites. These websites are where I got my statistics and also and I encourage people as 1 Thessalonians 5 in the Bible says, “Prove (test) everything and hold fast to that which is (true) good.”
The majority of women felt rushed or uncertain at the time of their abortion and 64 percent felt pressured by others into abortion. Women who received no counseling by the clinic or other service-providers who performed her abortion was 67 percent. Women who felt they didn’t receive adequate counseling before their abortion was 84 percent and 79 percent weren’t informed by the abortion provider about available alternatives. Almost 31 percent report suffering physical health complications after their abortion with 10 percent suffering immediate potentially life-threatening complications. The risk of clinical depression among women following abortion compared to childbirth is 65 percent higher. When considering death from various causes women’s death rates after abortion are 3.5 times higher than giving birth. The suicide rates among women who have had abortions is 6 times higher than the rate of those who gave birth. Abortion increases a woman’s risk of future miscarriages by 60 percent. Prenatal screening tests with misleading results are prompting some women to abort perfectly healthy babies according to a report. The vast majority of women who abort are unmarried single women. The number one killer of pregnant women is homicide! From these facts we can see the best way to lower abortion and lower homicide of pregnant women is to encourage marriage before sex.
According to while it is common to talk about laws that allow abortion in cases where it is necessary to save a woman’s life, in fact there is little or no medical evidence that it is ever clearly necessary. In 2012, in response to efforts to legalize abortion in their country, Irish doctors launched the Dublin Declaration, which declares that abortion isn’t necessary to save women’s lives. To date, more than a thousand medical professionals have signed the Declaration, which states: “As experienced practitioners (doctors) and researchers in obstetrics and gynecology, we affirm that direct abortion — the purposeful destruction of the unborn child — isn’t medically necessary to save the life of a woman…” Abortionist Don Sloan has also refuted the claim that late-term abortions are necessary to save women’s lives. Sloan said, “The idea of abortion to save the mothers’ life is something that people cling to because it sounds noble and pure, but medically speaking, it probably doesn’t exist.” Doctors say late term abortions carry their own risk and second trimester abortions procedures are neither simple nor safe. Studies show it is over three times safer for mothers’ health to have their babies than abort them.
Dr. Donna Harrison warned the abortion pill is a “powerful anti-hormone” that blocks women’s bodies from continuing on with a healthy pregnancy. It blocks the hormone that allows a woman’s body to continue a pregnancy, and when that hormone is blocked, then the woman’s body can’t feed the baby, Harrison said. “The hormone has effects all over a woman’s body, her brain, her breasts, and we have no idea of the long-term consequences of this powerful anti-hormone especially in teenagers where it’s never been tested.” She explained the abortion pill is two medications. The first, mifepristone, stops the pregnancy from being viable, and the second, misoprostol, causes the woman’s womb to contract and the pregnancy to end. Harrison said the drug causes bleeding, which is a great concern. “Use of this drug has been associated with massive hemorrhage,” she said. “I’ve reviewed some of the adverse event reports sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration where women have lost over half of their blood volume. Some have lost more than their entire blood volume and had to have more than their blood volume replaced to keep up with the massive hemorrhage. Hospitals need to get extra blood to prepare for increase use and mainstreaming of the abortion pill.
I was happy to hear the Republican U.S. House of Representatives passed the born-alive abortion survivors protection Act. Sadly, evil Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the bill is extreme and doomed in the Senate. The good news is God will forgive any sin you have committed including abortion when you believe in Jesus His Son. First admit that you are a sinner and need the Savior Jesus. Second, believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again. Third, call on or pray to the Lord Jesus to save you. We all have committed sin and need Jesus. God wouldn’t have sent Jesus the Savior if we didn’t need saving. All the Christians must continue our efforts to show compassion to women in unplanned pregnancies, while telling them the truth that Jesus loves them and died for them and their life has meaning and valve and so does their child’s life. For post-abortion counseling call 1-877-hope-4-me. The Bible says those who hate God love death. The Bible says choose life. After 50 years all the pro-abortion arguments have been defeated. The one time choice of abortion robs the unborn of a lifetime of choices. The facts and statistics show abortion is unnecessary, unsafe, unfair and ungodly. Abortion is the unchoice! Jesus is the only saving choice and the only way to be free in 2023 and for eternity!

D.D. Nave

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