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Published 1:54 pm Thursday, March 2, 2023

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Many years ago, my father told me, “If I were you, I wouldn’t have children in this world; it’s about to get so bad.” Of course, I shrugged off such a prophecy, believing nothing could be so lousy that one wouldn’t want a child to be raised. My then-wife could not have children, and I thought this was just his way of making me feel better about my situation. Well, several years later, at the age of forty, I remarried and indeed had a beautiful boy; he is nine now, and even at his worst moments, I would take nothing for him; he is the apple of my eye. So I laughed at my father’s warning about not having children. Then, the last few years happened, and I now understand what my father warned me of. I have never seen such craziness as in the media, online, and elsewhere. Everything is now either condemned or acceptable, except an opposing opinion. Personally, I don’t care how people believe; I do care about what they want me to believe. I will not be forced to believe something because someone says I should. I try to be logical and reasoning when someone poses a controversial theory, but; I can’t be strong-armed into believing it just because they say I should or because it is politically popular to do so; I can’t be forced, and I will not be intimidated into believing something I know cannot be. That is my American right, as much as it is for others to believe that there are more than two genders – I don’t understand what woke is, but I hear it means whatever you want to be, then be it. I am not speaking of politics like republican or democrat; I speak of humanity as a whole. We have lost sight of the site.

There are always consequences to every action. And it seems to me that the ones pushing these weird agendas are like children wanting to play with matches. It is exciting and something they need to do, but when a house burns down, they stand and wonder what happened, not taking any blame; they can’t figure out where things went wrong, which is where our leaders today are. They are trying to take parental rights from parents so that they can have more control over our children; they are trying to force people to accept a science that doesn’t exist, such as more than one gender theory. They are pushing for things that Christians don’t accept and trying to strong-arm us into accepting what they believe without question, and the very ones that are pushing the agendas are allowed to mock and remove Christianity; it’s all insanity, and we, the people, are expected to adhere to the nonsense and treat it as truth and facts when in reality it is people that are unhappy with their sexuality, their bodies, their religion, or are just plain upset because of other people’s attributes. They want everything their way, and to do that, they try and force a change using weak politicians as mouthpieces when in reality, the politicians only seek a seat of power. Then when we see the agendas happen, such as with the sanctity of marriage being destroyed, we are left with humans marrying animals, cars, and other nonsense because you cannot allow one group to have their way without letting everyone else have theirs. An excellent example of extreme thinking and irrational logic that many politicians hold today is removing guns from people; just this week in Chicago, a state with one of the highest and one of the most rigid gun laws, a police officer was shot and killed! On paper taking away guns looks like a great idea. If no one has a gun, no one gets shot; however, history and logic say criminals do not obey the laws and criminals don’t care if you have a gun or not; that is logic; that is what’s lacking in most political parties today; “logic” people are too concerned with what smaller groups of people want, the groups in question thrive on emotion and in that they strive for some sense of self-worth, rather than logic; politicians cater to these groups, and in the end, police officers get shot, children grow up confused if they are allowed to grow up at all, muggings, robberies, and murder or commonplace, in other words, the house burns down, and who’s to blame? Nobody! Anyone opposing these new and ridiculous ideals is labeled racist, bigot, or intolerant. And it runs from the streets to the school systems. My son goes to Tri-City Christian, where the government is not allowed to push its political ideals on to my child; he was born a boy, so I don’t want the schools to take my impressionable young son and start making him question who he is. It is my right not to have my son brainwashed as much as it is the right of those who want to make up their own gender orientation and expect ordinary rational-minded people to accept it.

In a world where people actually celebrate the death of children, want to confuse genders, want to legalize every illegal drug known, want to unarm citizens, defund the police, and ridicule those who stand up against the evils of the world, I can understand why my father said he would not raise a child in this world, but then there’s hope, the hope that one child will grow up and become more than what the world wants him to be. He will always stand up for what is right; he will always stand for his beliefs and have his own mind, not the mind some politician or college professor wants him to have. I hope he continues to question everything as I encourage him to be tolerant of people, don’t allow people to use that tolerance to corrupt or control him as so many are today. People should not be oppressed, but when you force someone to accept your views without argument, you’re oppressing the one who opposes, then that is oppression, and that is the world we live in today. So I hope that when my son grows up, he will see the injustice done. He will become a good man who reasons, not emotionally, but with a clear head and logic, and isn’t swayed just because a group of people says one way is right. One way is wrong; he will stand in the middle and make his own choices and decisions, so when my father told me he would not raise a child in this world, I couldn’t entirely agree because we need children. We need them to grow up and become decent human beings, not given to any sway of doctrine or be misled into thinking something is correct just because someone is ranting that it is; we need hope, and our children, I believe, are that hope, but it starts with us.

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