The Mary Magdalene story

Published 1:58 pm Thursday, March 16, 2023

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Some women and I, began following Jesus, when He taught in Galilee,
He even freed my body of seven demons, right there, near the sea.
I followed Him to Jerusalem, and on one very, memorable day,
Hosannas were shouted; palm branches and clothing lined His way.
He taught us for several days, during the time of the Passover Feast,
His cleansing of the temple upset many, then, the celebration ceased.
He was arrested, sent to the High Priest, and Pilate, at the end of the week,
Betrayed by one of His inner disciples, His future, now, looked bleak.
Many of His followers deserted Him, “Crucify Him,” a mob began to jeer,
I stood back, with some other women at a distance, mostly, out of fear.
Next morning we watched, as He was ridiculed, beaten; until He bled,
He carried a cross through the streets; a crown of thorns on His head.
Roman soldiers led Him out of the city, on the way to Golgotha’s Hill,
I followed the crowd; we were now weeping, how could this be so real?
Later, He was crucified between two criminals, His pain so hard to bear,
I stood with other women; Jesus’ mother, and a disciple; was also there.
From the sixth hour to the ninth hour, the sun refused to give its light,
Jesus, then, committed His Spirit to His Father, gave up the earthly fight.
The earth shook from a quake and, before, the tremors were through,
Tombs opened; from top to bottom, the temple’s curtain was torn into.
At evening, a rich man asked for Jesus’ body; arrangements were made,
Joseph placed the body in his own tomb, where no one, had been laid.
The opening was then sealed with a large stone; no way to get inside,
Women, from Galilee and I watched this; we didn’t even try to hide.
The next day was the Sabbath; I knew, I would observe the day of rest,
But, I must return to the tomb; the day after I would try, my very best.
It was dark when I approached the sepulcher; I knew I must be brave,
Would the stone be there? Would a guard keep me from the grave?
As I got closer, I tried to walk faster, through the morning gloom,
And, then I saw it. Someone had removed the stone from the tomb.
I, then ran to tell this thing to Peter; dawn’s breaking light was still dim,
“They’ve taken the Lord away,” I shouted, “Where, have they laid Him?”
Peter and another disciple ran to the tomb to see what they could find,
I tried to keep up the best I could, but, I knew, I wasn’t that far behind.
The other disciple outran Peter; he looked in, the body was not there,
Peter arrived, looked in, then entered the tomb, without a fear or care.
The other disciple entered, saw the burial clothes, they were not relieved,
Now they knew the things I had told them were true, now they, believed.
They, now came out of the tomb, each made his way, to their home,
Then, they left me, outside weeping; I was standing there, all alone.
I looked inside, saw two angels, where had been Jesus’ head and feet,
Then, they both looked at me and asked: “Woman, why do you weep?”
I was so astonished at their presence, I didn’t know, what I should say,
Then, I was barely able to answer, “Someone has taken my Lord away.”
I turned, saw someone standing there, looking so humble and meek,
He then asked, “Woman, why are you crying? Whom do you seek?”
Thinking He was the gardener, and He might have taken my Lord away,
I said, “Sir, could you please tell me, where His body might now lay?”
He spoke, calling me, Mary. Immediately, I knew who this must be,
In Hebrew, I called Him Teacher. The One, who gave His life for me.
Then, I went to tell the other disciples, I could hardly wait to arrive,
“I’ve seen the Lord, He spoke to me, He’s not dead; HE’S ALIVE.”
He said to tell you, “He’s ascending to His Father,” our Father, too,
“And to His God,” which is our God, the same God for me and you.
Then, I began thinking, “Why did these wonderful things happen to me?”
An undeserving sinner, a woman, to be the first, the Risen Christ to see.
I remember He taught that He came to save everyone, that includes me,
And one day, I, too, would die, but with HIM, I’d spend ETERNITY!
(Charles Phipps is an Elizabethton resident and a former teacher at Happy Valley High School)

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