Carter County Farm Bureau announces winners of 5th Grade Essay Contest

Published 3:17 pm Friday, March 17, 2023

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Carter County Farm Bureau announced the winners of their 5th Grade Essay Contest with the awards presented on March 15.
With the topic of  “Why is agriculture important?,” Braylon Hopewell, son of Phillip and Heather Hopewell, won first-place. He attends Hunter Elementary School and his teacher is Amy Grubb. The second-place winner is Kyrah Campbell, daughter of Anthony and Nakisha Campbell. She attends East Side Elementary School and her teacher is Christy Malone.
Chloe Crockett, daughter of Jay and Victoria Crockett, was named the third-place winner and attends Unaka Elementary School. Her teacher is Holly Fair.
First place would also receive $100 with second place receiving $50 and third place $25.
Why is agriculture important?
By Braylon Hopewell
Agriculture is important in many ways. You might not realize it, but agriculture is all around us. This essay will explain three essential aspects of agriculture in our modern day world. It is the main source of our food supply, it is crucial to the economic development of our country, and it provides employment and income for many people. These are a few of the reasons why agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry today.
Agriculture is the main source of our food supply. Most all of the things you eat are a product of farming. For example, think of a basic breakfast made up of bacon, eggs, toast, milk and orange juice. All of these foods come from some type of farming. Bacon comes from pigs, chickens lay eggs, toast comes from wheat, cows produce milk, and oranges grow on trees. It is easy to see how vital agriculture is for our society. Statistics show areas where agriculture succeeds, there are less people suffering from hunger.
The practice of farming is crucial to the economic development of our country. Materials like sugar, cotton, and soybeans are traded worldwide. Nations with a strong agricultural base can export these materials and trade for products they don’t have. If a country does not have good farming practices such as irrigation and crop rotation, this can cause food prices to increase and lead to a depression. Agriculture is important in war too. In World War I, the United States traded and sent food and other supplies to allied forces before they joined the war. Victory Gardens were planted during World War II. Their purpose was to make sure front line soldiers had enough food. Throughout history, many wars started because of the need for good soil to grow food and raise animals. Countries without good soil always struggle economically.
Agriculture also provides employment and income. Thee are several careers in this field, such as farmer, veterinarian, farm equipment technician, horticulturist, and many more. Since population numbers are rising, agriculture jobs are becoming more important. Choosing a career in agriculture gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in your community. There will always be a need for farming jobs, which means good job security. Many agricultural jobs provide high pay and can be very rewarding.
In conclusion, our civilization begins with agriculture. Although times have changed dramatically, agriculture remains at the center of it all. From growing crops to raising livestock, agriculture is changing to meet the needs of humans today. This industry is the main source of our food supply, our country’s economy demands on it, and it offers great career opportunities. Overall, our survival depends on agriculture!

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