Chancery & Circuit Courts & Realty Transfers

Published 11:17 am Friday, March 31, 2023

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Chancery Court
Jason A. Russell and Stacy C. Russell vs. John Doe and Unknown Heirs (quiet title)
Barbara Jane Rhodes and Nancy Jean Padgham, Amy Blair Aderhold (guardianship)
Micah Allen Henri vs. Kennedy Lavey Bates Henri (divorce)
Roger Lowell Kiser vs. Tammie Roseann Ford (divorce)
Sherry Elaine Underwood vs. Jeffery Randal Underwood (divorce)
Wendell Wayne Buchanan vs. Michelle Rene Bishop (OP transfer from General Sessions)
Hanna Grace Bridwell vs. Jordan Ryan Bridwell (divorce)
Carolyn Duncan vs. Shana Shaffer, Angela Sips, Daniel Taylor and Chelsie Shaffer (Real Estate – Partition)

Circuit Court
Tiffany Danielle Cole vs. Kenneth Earl Cole (divorce)
Michaela Campbell and J.G. Wentworth (structured settlement)
Wyatt Wilson vs. Stormi Wilson Welch (child support)

Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions have been recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office:
Carolyn P. Campbell, trustee to Dwayne Taylor et ux, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Dwayne Taylor et ux to Clinton Charles Boswell et al, Dist. 2, $30,000
Kenneth Bradley Snedeker et al to ZIPS Prop LLC, Dist. 17, $165,000
Macie Lyons Smith et al to Jeffrey Allen Holt et ux, Dist. 17, quitclaim
Zackel Tolley to Billy Hodge, Dist. 11, $1,000
Ginger M. McDorman to Jessica Colontonio, Dist. 3, $210,000
Larry C. Simmons et ux to Larry C. Simmons and Margaret Simmons, trustees, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Judy Williams et al to Dwayne Edward Oliver, Dist. 10, $193,200
Marlene McNally to OB TENN LLC et al, Dist. 5, $60,000
Norman Richard Kyte, Jr. et ux, to Casey N. Saults, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Norman Richard Kyte, Jr. et ux to Casey N. Saults, Dist. 14, quitclaim
David D. Miller et ux to Thomas Cody Hyder et ux, Dist. 17, $75,000
William T. McKinney et ux to William T. McKinney et ux, Dist. 18, quitclaim
Joseph William Hoskins to Kenneth D. Shay, Dist. 6, $465,000
Henry E. Schuettler et al to Matthew Douglas Jaynes et al, Dist. 6, $114,000
Betty J. Carr to Izaac Leonard Portillo et ux, Dist. 15, $155,000
Terri Lea James to Jennifer J. Forbes, Dist. 14, $44,000
Forrest Whitener et ux to William Schelhouse et ux, Dist. 7, $131,000
Claire Farmer Harris to Natasha Lynn Athley Williams et al, Dist. 15, $374,000
Richard D. Garrison II et ux to Elizabeth Bower, Dist. 12, $180,000
Michael Mahara and Robert Mahara, co-trustees to George Logan Perry, Jr. and Joyce Ann Perry, Dist. 5, $50,000
Ronald E. Scott, trustee to Russell W. Rivers et ux, Dist. 17, $68,000
Todd H. Barr et al to Gary R. Alexander et ux, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Dan O’Neill to Brenda Gregory, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Jerry White to Carl Lee Hazelwood, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Ray Lewis, Jr. et al to Ringway Inc., Dist. 15, quitclaim
Christopher S. Kasting et ux to Ringway Inc., Dist. 15, quitclaim
Ryan Z. Mink et ux to Brandy Patterson, Dist. 9, $29,000
Robert C. Dugger to Bryan D. South et ux, Dist. 13, $100,000
Gina Hudson to Michael D. Nodurft et ux, Dist. 5, $165,000
Kara Marie Williamson to David J. Hornyak et al, Dist. 12, $170,000
Jeffrey W. Hughis et al to John P. Guzell, Jr. et al, Dist. 18, $52,000
Vickie Sewell and Donald G. Pleasant to Vickie Livingston et al, Dist. 8, quitclaim
James P. Ray to Bobby L. Ray, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Timothy Mark Ward et al to Ryan Z. Mick et al, Dist. 9, $449,000
Claire Farmer Harris to Natasha Lynn Athley Williams et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Garry E. Fritts et al to Paul E. Ohlin III et al, Dist. 9, $14,000
Kristy Michelle Calloway to Jennie Calloway Barber, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Herman Keith Tolley to Tracy Lewis Guy et al, Dist. 3, quitclaim

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