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Published 3:57 pm Friday, May 5, 2023

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I am working on my next book, but in the meantime, I have many more books stored inside my head, bursting to be put on the page: new ideas of adventure, action, horror, mayhem, intrigue, humor, mystery, and so and so on. I have created worlds upon worlds, and each one is filled with unique and fun characters; I am talking about my own work because I am incredibly excited about all of them. I have created these people, places, and things from my mind. They live inside a world I have designed and put together in the real world where we have little control. I control this one. I own everything, and it is incredibly satisfying.

I have been reading some modern books, books that claim to be best sellers. I read them with an open mind to what is popular today, and I find myself not caring at all about the characters; all of them are the same, the personality is like everyone I know, in a world, where everyone wants to be recognized as an individual, everyone becomes the same person. I have always been separate from this world. I don’t dress like anyone I know; I have my ideas, hobbies, and political beliefs. I don’t jump on bandwagons, and I don’t write the same as current authors. My characters are far and away, different than any you will read about today. They are unusual; they think unique thoughts; they live in a world that is unusual; that is where I live, in a world that is not like anything the news shows. I don’t live in a world where everyone is so far left politically that there are no longer boundaries. I don’t live so far right that we are not allowed to enjoy life; I live in a world where people think. And my work reflects that, or so I believe. I love mystery. I have a lot of mystery. I like ongoing characters and stories; I write those, also. I like horror. We are only on this planet for a short time, and I want to leave something behind; that is why if I am not writing, I am thinking about writing; I want to write about things I enjoy, and I know some are not for everyone. Still, if someone looks up my catalog, I guarantee something will interest you; I have a wide array of interests, such as Sci-Fi, horror, Noir, fantasy, and so much more.

My current project will end the Noir series storyline I call Cushing. In my world of Noir, I cover several lives in different parts of the country; the only real connection is the man in the shadows that runs all of the crime moving in and out of America. But he is not the whole story. On the streets, for example, take Detroit Noir, where a homicide detective faces a serial killer using an ax as his weapon of choice, a vigilante who is tired of the law letting the criminal elements have their way. Then there is the 1954 Noir that takes place overseas, where an escaped Adolf Hitler has begun rebuilding an army to try and reclaim all that he lost ten years prior. New York Pulp, where a secret society runs the underworld, and the only way anyone can prevent it is to disguise themselves and travel at night to fight the crime-ridden streets of New York; finally, there is Chicago Noir, where Marla McDonnell, an African American woman struggling as a private investigator in a world where men dominate law enforcement agencies. This is the world I am now taking residents in; it’s not the only one I visit, but for now, these are my people. The current book titled Noir Complete will end the story of Cushing’s reign and combine New York, 1954, Detroit, and Chicago in one epic volume due out later this year. However, in the meantime, the Detroit Noir trilogy has been released in one volume, and just released is its companion book, Noir Collection, which includes New York Pulp, 1954 Noir, and Chicago Noir. So if you ever tire of living in your world, you should try mine. I guarantee it’s much more fun!

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