An open letter to Gov. Bill Lee

Published 9:47 am Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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To the Editor:
We are calling upon Gov. Bill Lee to keep his promise to make the special session of the state legislature create some common sense laws governing guns in our state.
Given the increase in gun violence throughout the country, and especially in the recent past in Louisville and Dallas, a similar slaughter is likely to occur here unless we do more than offer up the countless thoughts and prayers that have been expressed, as if we are powerless to do more. We are not safe going to the grocery store. We are not safe going to the mall. We are not safe driving in our cars or standing on our streets. We are not safe going to our workplaces, schools, or places of worship.
What kind of country is it that values the right to own any kind of weapon of war over the lives of our people? You took a brave stand after the Covenant School shooting in which you lost a friend and called for that special session. Thank you for allowing public input prior to that so that we may have a voice in those deliberations. You are our governor: stand for Tennesseans throughout the state and use the power we have given you to keep the legislature in session until they do something substantive. Make the Labor Day weekend the reward for working at last for a safer future, made in memory of all whom we have already lost.
Sharon Hart, First VP
Democratic Party of Carter County

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