Electric Mower

Published 9:21 am Friday, May 26, 2023

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By Lorie Ann Simpson
Have you heard of electric mowers? I had not heard of them until my husband told me about them. Now growing up, I would help my daddy mow the yard. My job was to push mow the area of the yard that the riding mower couldn’t reach. The pushmower felt massive, but I am sure it wasn’t. My daddy would have to start it for me cause I just wasn’t strong enough to get it started. It was hard work because we had much ground to care for. But I didn’t care; I was spending time with my daddy.

After my divorce from my first husband, I found myself with a huge yard with a couple of hills and only a pushmower to tackle it with. Our riding mower blew up years ago. It had been a John Deere. We got it brand new. It cost more than my first car. It was a good one as it was almost 20 years old. That left us with only a pushmower. And since my ex-husband wasn’t here anymore to mow, it was up to me.

The pushmower we had was heavy and so hard to start, that is, if it even would start. I always had to make sure I had gas to go in it. We have a bunch of trees in the backyard, making it more challenging to maneuver with the heavy pushmower. So, when my current husband, Tim, suggested we get an electric mower, I was a little skeptical. I wondered how an electric mower could stand up to this yard, especially in the back with all the trees.

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The electric pushmower he got is a Greenworks brand for around $200. He got it from Amazon, and it was delivered right to our door. It is lightweight and effortless to start. No struggling with a ripcord or making sure we have gas on hand. One charge will do most of the whole yard. We also got an electric weed trimmer. Both were good investments. They also have an electric riding mower, but the price tag jumps into the thousands. For now, our electric push mower serves its purpose. I just wish my daddy was still alive to see it. He would be amazed like I was.