More funny ponderings

Published 3:28 pm Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Fat Chance and Slim Chance Mean the Same Thing

Cheese is a Loaf of Milk

Water Isn’t Wet. Technically, being wet means being covered or saturated with water or another liquid, so water isn’t wet; it is wetness.

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There Are More Planes in the Ocean than Submarines in the Sky

You Are Never More than 6 Feet Away from a Spider

Every Time the Dentist Tells You to Bite Down, You’re Really Biting Up

The pants Are Just Long-Sleeve Shorts

It Takes Longer to Say “WWW” than to Say “World Wide Web”

Tradition is Just Peer Pressure from Dead People

Rivers Are Just Fish Roads

Why is Monday so far from Friday? And yet Friday is so close to Monday?

Dying of Old Age is Just Dying or Not Dying

Volleyball is Just Professional Hot Potato

Technically Your Car Keys Have Travelled Further than Your Car

We Make Pizzas Round, Then Put Them in Square Boxes and Cut Them into Triangles

As kids, we’re told never to accept candy from strangers. And yet, in some countries, what do we do? Have an entire holiday dedicated to accepting candy from strangers.

Adam and Eve Were the First People to Not Agree with the Apple Terms and Conditions

If you’re searching for a new laptop online, you’re forcing your computer to dig its grave.

By putting your left foot in the wrong shoe, you’re putting it in the right shoe.

When You Are Reading a Book, You’re Really Just Staring at a Dead Tree and Hallucinating

We Laugh when Our Friends Fall but Panic when Our Phones Do

Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, it’s probably because you’re drunk.

“Don’t You Dare” Sounds Fine, but “Do Not You Dare” Sounds Wrong

Humans Created the Atomic Bomb, but No Mouse Would Ever Build a Mouse Trap

Doesn’t Expecting the Unexpected Make the Unexpected Expected?