June proclaimed ‘Gay Pride Month’ by president

Published 12:25 pm Friday, June 2, 2023

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To the Editor:
“Now, therefore, I Joseph R. Biden Jr., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2023 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI) Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to recognize the achievements of the LGBTQI community, to celebrate the diversity of the American people, and to wave their flags of pride high.” Christians don’t celebrate Pride month or wave their pride flag. Homosexuals positive PR and increased political power have changed the laws that once made it illegal in most states to make it now celebrated in every state. President Obama and Vice President Biden were the first president and vice president to support same sex marriage and transgenderism. LGBTQI that make up less than 9 percent of the population now have more political power than Christians. Pride Month 2023 is shaping up to be the most contentious ever, with the greatest pushback we’ve ever seen. Anheuser-Busch has lost over 15 billion in value since Bud Light transgender commercials. Target loses billions in week following boycott calls over LGBTQI friendly kids clothes. Former vice president Mike Pence said, “The gender insanity continues to poison our public discourse; it has infiltrated our schools and now the products Americans buy also come with a political lecture from the far left… But we must continue to pursue the courage of our convictions and fight back against this radical gender madness that is being forced upon Americans.”
It’s ironic that LGBTQI who preach tolerance and diversity aren’t tolerant and diverse of all. LGBTQI want to intimidate people into changing their beliefs or shutting up. LGBTQI demand respect for their not constitutional right of sexual freedom while they don’t respect Christians’ religious and speech freedoms that are constitutional rights. LGBTQI have had lawsuits against Christian florists, bakeries and photographers. It’s also ironic that a campaign by the gay community is about ending bullying yet homosexuals bullied and tried to get novelist Orson Scott Card, football analyst Craig James and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson fired and banned from TV forever because they spoke out against LGBTQI. LGBTQI and their supporters in the major media in the past called Christians who speak out against homosexuality as intolerant and hate filled because they don’t accept and celebrate two people “in Love.” In 2023 the LGBTQI call those who disagree with them dangerous terrorists. “To those who hate the truth the truth is hate.” Yet LGBTQI don’t see how hypocritical they are because they don’t celebrate and accept Christians’ love for Jesus and the Bible as the most important love in their lives. Christians who don’t accept homosexuals’ love relationship with their same-sex partner are being no less intolerant than homosexuals who don’t accept Christians’ love relationship with Jesus and the Bible. The difference is the same-sex relationship will usually last less than two years while the Christians’ love relationship with Jesus will last forever! Disagreement isn’t the same as hate. To disagree with what someone is doing doesn’t prove you fear or hate them. To love someone doesn’t mean you have to approve of everything that they do. You can love someone very much and still disapprove of what they are doing, as parents know. The Bible teaches homosexuality is like any other sinful temptation that God calls people to resist. The Bible teaches it’s the deliverance from temptation Christians and churches must celebrate, not its proud and eager embrace! The Bible say pride is evil. The only thing Christians take pride in, is that Jesus loves them and died for them.
The Bible says in the last days people would be lovers of themselves. We have seen a record number of people with demonic narcissism with no empathy for others. Pastor Geoffrey Grider said the Devil is over all the people full of evil pride. In Job 41:34 (KJB) says, “He beholds all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.” Pastor Grider said those people who want to be called they/them are mentally ill or if they are telling the truth they are demonic. Grider says they are Legion if they are they/them. The Bible says in Mark 5, “My name is Legion; for we are many.” The goal or end game of LGBTQI is to get Civil Rights, lower the age of consent for sex and normalize pedophilia which has always been the favorite activity of the demonic. The demonic also celebrate killing babies (abortion) and mutilating children. Franklin Graham recently said, “Every demon from hell has been turned loose on our society!”
God does have the right to take away a homosexual couples right to be joined in holy matrimony because only God decides what is holy. Only a marriage between a man and woman God can bless and what God has joined together let no man put asunder. In the same way what God has never allowed joined together let no man or court join together! The marriage model of one man and one woman is first given by God in Genesis 2 and repeated by Jesus in Matthew 19. In Romans 1 Paul denounces homosexuality as a hallmark of a reprobate mind and a degenerate culture. Jude 1: 7 says homosexuality caused the judgment and destruction of Sodom and other cities. Dr. John McTernan said Jude 1:7 might be America’s epitaph. The ultimate national depravity spoke of in Isaiah 5 – calling what God calls good, evil and what God calls evil, good. Abe Lincoln said, “if we call the dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” Hurricane Sandy hit six days after the New York State Court of Appeals approved homosexual marriage and the governor and mayor celebrated. It would be wise to not count on having electricity and have as much food in your home as you can so your family won’t have to dumpster dive as people in New York had to after Sandy. Perry Stones says great tidal waves are going to hit America. Christians have had dreams of all the power off in America and tidal waves hitting America. Psalm 9:17 says, “The wicked shall be turned into Hell and all nations that forget God!” The Bible says only with the blood of Jesus covering our sins will we escape the wrath to come!

D.D. Nave

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