Regarding DD Nave’s essay June 3 & 4 in the STAR

Published 10:16 am Friday, June 9, 2023

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To the Editor:
DD Nave and I have a different Jesus. My Jesus is loving and forgives sins, and says “Love thy neighbor as thy self,” which means all, not just those who disagree with DD Nave. Nave says “Christians don’t celebrate pride month.” He is making a general characterization that if you are a Christian you do not support someone who is different. Christians express love and if I want to celebrate Pride Month, I will celebrate. If I do not want to celebrate, I will not. I consider myself a Christian and I do not discriminate because of race, religion, sexual preference, etc. Nave tries to convince you the Bible does discriminate.
All of us are not born the same physically, mentally, or biologically. Mr. Nave says you choose, yet you are born in some ways and do not have a choice. Many of my former students and friends suffered mentally and physically because of the likes of DD Nave.
I have many friends, former students, close acquaintance, family members, who are Christians and who are members of the LGBTQ community. Many are not comfortable about announcing their situation because of people like DD Nave. Mr. Nave likes to use the Bible and assorted quotes off the Internet to support his statements but the Bible does not teach prejudice. It teaches love and tolerance.
I really do not know how the STAR lets Nave write six columns every publication date and most of it is hateful speech or slanted toward his beliefs. Some of his writings I consider dangerous and inflammatory. You are not my type of Christian, Mr. Nave. You only love, or say you love, the ones who believe as you do, look like you, think like you. Thanks to my God, I do not believe the way Mr. Nave does.

Dick Ryan

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