Tomorrow is Flag Day…fly the U.S. colors

Published 10:12 am Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Tomorrow, June 14, is Flag Day. We encourage everyone to fly their American flag high, not just tomorrow, but every day.
“On Flag Day and during National Flag Week, we celebrate the enduring strength and promise that the stars and stripes on our flag have always embodied as they fly proudly across our country and around the world,” a proclamation on Flag Day and National Flag Week 2023 reads.
Flag Day marks the day, 246 years ago, when Congress commemorated Betsy Ross’ creation of the Stars & Stripes as our national flag. It’s a holiday often overlooked because it isn’t like most other holidays. You didn’t receive the day off from work and most people won’t even realize it’s Flag Day.
There have been a total of 27 variations in flag design over the years, as colonies grew into states making the 50 states that are represented on the flag today by the white stars.
According to the National Flag Foundation, there is a star sewn into a blue background representing every state. The star represents justice, perseverance and vigilance. As for the colors, the red stripes are for valor and the white stripes are for purity and innocence. That 16th star represents Tennessee.
Here is how the American flag should be displayed based on the U.S. Code:
– The flag should not be flown with the union down, except for in rare emergencies as a sign of distress.
– The flag should not touch anything beneath it including the ground, floor, water or merchandise.
– The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally but always aloft and free.
– The flag should never be used as apparel, bedding or drapery. It should always be allowed to fall free. Decoration bunting of blue, white, and red should always appear with the blue arranged above with the white in the middle and the red below.
– The flag should never be displayed, fastened, stored or used in a way that could lead to the flag being easily damaged, soiled or torn in any way.
– The flag should never be used as a ceiling covering.
– The flag should never have any design, drawing of any nature, figure, insignia, letter, mark, picture or word placed upon it.
– The flag should never be used for carrying, delivering anything, holding items or be used as a receiving receptacle.
– The flag should never be used for any kind of advertising purposes, and advertising signs should not be fastened to a flag’s staff or halyard. The flag should also not be embroidered on items such as cushions, handkerchiefs and the like, impressed on paper napkins or boxes or otherwise printed as a design for temporary use and discard.
– Any part of the flag should never be used as an athletic uniform or costume, but a flag patch may be sewn to the uniforms of firemen, members of patriotic organizations, military personnel and policemen. Representing a living country and considered a living thing in itself, a lapel flag pin being a replica should be worn near the heart on the left lapel.
– When the flag is in such a condition that it is no longer fitting for display, the flag’s destruction should be dignified. The preferred disposal is by burning.
We can come to easily overlook the significance of the symbol. The flag is one of a handful of things that immediately represents the United States on sight. There will always be individuals and iconic images that represent the United States, but the flag is the longest-lasting and the one that’s as close to permanent as any we have.
The flag is the one symbol our society has chosen as the one to be consecrated. When the flag passes, we expect one another to show respect: quiet, salute in some way, remove your hat.
This week is also officially “National Flag Week,” a week during which all citizens are encouraged to fly the flag. Join us in doing so.

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