Chancery & Circuit Courts & Realty Transfers

Published 10:26 am Friday, July 14, 2023

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Chancery Court
John Tyler Dula vs. Riley Michelle Solomon (divorce)
Samantha Joy Estep vs. Maverick L. Estep (divorce)
Diana Louise Hodge vs. Lawrence Allen Hodge (divorce)
KTSU America, LLC vs. Thompson Tire Solutions, LLC and Jason Thompson (contract debt)
Sheila Lynn Corbin vs. Brian Andy Corbin Sr. (order of protection)
Donna Gail Willis Newell vs. Terry Simerly (order of protection)
Jill Marie Marmiani vs. David Phillip Marmiani (divorce)
Landon David Lingerfelt vs. Joshua Allen Wehr (divorce)

Circuit Court
Chelsi Needham vs. Stephen Needham (divorce)
Heather Beam vs. Timothy Messmaker (order of protection)
Amber N. McCoy OBO vs. Darius L. Corbin Jr. (child support)
Jarred Jones vs. Donnie Isaacs (damages/personal injury)

Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions were recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office:
Cathy Anderson to Travis Jack Graves, Dist. 1, quitclaim
Johnny E. Simerly et ux to Melandie B. Simerly et al, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Edward Johnny Simerly et ux to Melandie B. Simerly et al, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Jason Walczyk et al to Wayne Russell Bodie, Dist. 15, $250,000
Gary Hyder to Robert Bishop et al, Dist. 5, $285,000
Johnny R. Grindstaff to Electric Plumber Inc., Dist. 5, $125,000
Diane Sue Treadway to Gene Wilkerson et ux, Dist. 14, $6,000
Alisha Pritchard to Alisha Pritchard, Dist. 17, quitclaim
Timothy Jack McAmis to Alisha Pritchard, Dist. 17, quitclaim
Deborah Suzanne Timko to Constance Scott, Dist. 15, $70,000
Longbridge Financial LLC to HBZ Alternative Holdings LLC, Dist. 11, quitclaim
HBZ Alternative Holdings LLC to James Johnson, Dist. 11, $77,500
Vernon B. Williams to Ricky E. Williams, Dist. 9, $80,000
Marty Nell Gillespie et al to Larry E. Scalf et al, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Jimmy Hutsell et al to Barry Hutsell, Dist. 19, quitclaim
Derick Preston Hughes to Gloria Ann Wright, Dist. 9, $240,000
Robert Wayne White to John Paul White, Dist. 10, quitclaim
Robert D. Whitehead to Robert D. Whitehead Trust, Dist. 2, quitclaim
A.W. Phipps to Fred Britt et ux, Dist. 13, quitclaim
Bruce Miller to Lavinder Development Inc., Dist. 5, $44,000
Barbara A. Benfield to J.C. Bowers et ux, Dist. 7, $220,000
Karen McKay to Donald Caleb McKay, Dist.18, $210,000
Phillip W. Wright to Jerry May et ux, Dist. 15, $105,000
Steve Hyder to Judy Hyder, Dist. 15, quitclaim
Anthony Craig Turner to Susan May Turner, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Jacs LLC to Joe LaPorte, III, trustee, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Jennifer Kane et al to Jerry Cannon et ux, Dist. 9, $20,000
Joseph Raymond Lingerfelt to Joseph Raymond Lingerfelt et ux, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Virginia O’Bourke and Ryan O’Bourke to Taylor Morefield et al, Dist. 15, $150,000
Donald A. Cooper to Lewis M. Forrester et ux, Dist. 9, $280,000
BRS Investments LLC to Scott Christie, Dist. 15, $143,400
Michelle R. Zoerb to William David I. Roland et ux, Dist. 15, $290,000
Haley Wherry et al to Emily B. Whitehead, Dist. 4, $379,000
Mariela Earhart to Raymond D. Earhart, Jr., Dist. 5, quitclaim
Dena Bass et vir to Cheryl Bryson, Dist. 15, $220,000
Jerry D. Street et al to Ricky Adam Birchfield et al, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Nancy Lynn Greenwell, personal rep to Nancy Ann Greenwell, Dist. 7, quitclaim
Carolyn J. Taylor to Franklin D. Taylor, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Franklin D. Taylor et ux to Franklin D. and Carolyn J. Taylor, trustees, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Franklin D. Taylor et al to Franklin D. and Carolyn J. Taylor, trustee, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Franklin D. Taylor et al to Franklin D. and Carolyn J. Taylor, trustees, Dist. 8, quitclaim
Frances McKinney to Travis D. Coleman, Dist. 11, $500
Zachary David Dalton to Paul Daley et al, Dist. 15, $45,000
Judith R. Perkins to John Harold McKinney et al, Dist. 1, $30,000

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