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Published 12:58 pm Friday, July 14, 2023

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To the Editor:
The biggest box-office seller in theaters since July 4th has been “Sound of Freedom” put out by Angel Studios (makers of the Chosen series). This has no doubt shocked the Hollywood elites, as the movie was rejected by all of the major studios including Disney. The movie is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who left his job because he wanted to rescue children from modern-day slavery. He successfully rescued scores of children around the world who have been kidnapped and sold as sex slaves.
The movie is bringing needed awareness to the great evil of trafficking. People wrongly think slavery ended in America. Sadly, the institution of slavery is still alive, it just goes by a new name: Human Trafficking. Human trafficking includes both labor and sex trafficking. Every day, millions of victims mostly women are bought and sold around the world. Human trafficking is the abuse of children, women and men for their bodies or labor and is modern-day slavery. There’s over 40 million people enslaved around the world. They’re more enslaved now than any time in history! The most upsetting fact is one-third of all sex trafficking is of children.
Josh Peck won awards for his documentary called, “Silent Cry, The Darker Side of Trafficking” and found a high amount of child sex trafficking is demonic people using and abusing children for occult purposes. YouTube blocked “Silent Cry.” Another dark side of trafficking is that if the slave dies they sell their body parts.
America is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for sex trafficking. America’s dirty secret is this: America is the number one consumer of paid sex worldwide. America is driving the demand as a society. Shared Hope International grades and ranks every state in the nation assessing law enforcement approaches, legislation and survivor services. Sadly, most states are doing nothing to stop human trafficking. A total of 37 states received a failing grade of “F”! The major media and social media is also doing nothing to stop trafficking. The major media is showing themselves to be willing accomplices to these horrendous crimes against children. The major media doesn’t want you to see the movie. A great movie gets smeared by critics with an obvious agenda. It upsets and shocks Hollywood and the media which is 93 percent against conservatives that a conservative movie made by conservatives is the top movie.
The media such as Rolling Stone and CNN said the movie is for conspiracy theory believers because they say trafficking is rare. Trafficking isn’t rare but it is rare that the media covers it and rare the federal government arrest rich traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein. Florida alone had 376 human trafficking investigations in the last four years. Florida found that in 146 trafficking crimes Facebook or other Meta was used by traffickers. So social media is used by traffickers.
I like the movies that are true stories that have a happy ending like “Jesus Revolution” and “Sound of Freedom.” I really liked the line from the Sound of Freedom movie that said, “God’s children are not for sale!”
We already knew the media was biased but this is a real low for them. There should be no question that rescuing children from harm is heroic. Child sex trafficking should be an issue all decent people can come together and fight against. I remember four years ago on Dr. Phil a woman said she had been sex trafficked by political leaders in Washington D.C. If there were no rich pedophiles or pedophiles in high places in our government there would not be a market for child slavery and rape that is a bigger money maker than drugs. While the media and Hollywood don’t want the movie “Sound of Freedom” seen they also don’t want a certain name mentioned. CNN has a long history of having their mic go dead in interviews when the CNN anti-conservative and anti-Christian narrative isn’t being advanced. Black NFL football player Benjamin Watson was speaking to CNN on race problems. Watson said, “Ultimately the problem is not a skin problem, it is a sin problem.” When Watson says, “Jesus died for our sins,” his mic went dead. It doesn’t matter what the media wants silenced they can’t stop Jesus. Soon every knee will bow and tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!

D.D. Nave

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