Son of local couple has two new books available

Published 10:09 am Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Ron Mottern, son of Rev. Wayne and Judy Mottern of Watauga, has two new books available on Amazon. The Ulunsuti Cycle was published in February of this year and contains three novellas: Where the Uktena Lives; Raven Mocker; and Skinwalker Moon. Mottern describes the book as Native American supernatural horror.
His newest novel, Johnny Danger #1: Showdown in Old Sawhook, came out in June and is international intrigue and suspense with a strong martial arts influence. He is currently working on Johnny Danger #2: South African Stomp, with a suspense date of Thanksgiving 2023.
Mottern will have a book launch for Johnny Danger #1 at Emerald Tavern Games and Cafe, on 183S and Burnet Road in North Austin, Texas, on Sunday, Aug. 20.
Dr. Ron Mottern is Executive Director of the Mottern Institute for Mind-Body Wellness. He has a PhD in Educational Psychology & Research from the University of Tennessee, an MA in Human Services from St. Edward’s University, and a BA in English from Sam Houston State University. He is Reality Therapy Certified through the William Glasser Institute and Certified in Clinical Hypnosis. He is the Executive Director and Founder of Mottern Institute for Mind-Body Wellness and has published in peer-reviewed academic journals on phenomenological psychology, transformative learning, and the many applications of Choice Theory Psychology/Reality Therapy.
He has published in peer-reviewed encyclopedias on martial arts history and concepts, and popular slicks with articles on martial arts practices, familiar essays, and poetry. His main focus at the present time is spreading happiness and wellness to as much of the world as possible. His hobbies include reading, listening to music, Goju Ryu Karate-do and Hanguk Haedong Kumdo. He lives with his wife, Andrea, and two dogs, Hank and Luna Bella, in the Texas Hill Country.
Among his books are Johnny Danger #1: Showdown in Old Sawhook, The Ulunsuti Cycle, Living Well: A Guide to Cognitive Skills Exercises, and Little Harvey the Hypno-Roo Gos Walkabout, and Mastering the Way.
In The Ulunsuti Cycle: Book 1 – Where the Uktena Lives, Dave Cross is the sheriff of a small, rural county tucked in the mountains of Upper East Tennessee and he’s got a problem. He has nine dead bodies and he doesn’t know what killed them. When he and his chief deputy, Charlie Rainwater, start to investigate the deaths, they come face to face with an ancient evil from Cherokee legend, one of the most terrifying creatures to ever haunt the hills and valleys of the Appalachians, the Uktena.
In Book 2 – Raven Mocker – When Sheriff Dave Cross and his friends, Charlie Rainwater and Luke Two Trees, killed the horned uktena serpent, they lost the wonder working ulunsuti stone, an ancient jewel that had been kept secret by the Cherokee for hundreds of years, and which granted the one who possessed it great magical powers. Now, they fear that the stone has been found by the most evil of the Cherokee witches, the Raven Mocker. They find themselves in a fight for their lives, as they battle the witch who uses the stone to try and destroy them.
In Book 3 – Skinwalker Moon – Ben Miller is a Cherokee medicine man known as Lightning, who tried to help Dave Cross, Charlie Rainwater, and Luke Two Trees stop an evil witch, a raven mocker, who had possession of the magical ulunsuti jewel. Now, they must face the demon of the ulunsuti stone, an ancient wonder worker with powers beyond belief, and stop him before he brings about the end of the world.

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