A tribute to Mrs. Catherine Armstrong

Published 10:08 am Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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To the Editor:
I was about nine years old when I entered the world of Bill and Catherine Armstrong. First, at Lynn Avenue Elementary School where Mr. Armstrong taught sixth grade and was the assistant principal among many other things he did at the school. Later on in the seventh and eighth grades I encountered Mrs. Catherine Armstrong as the girls physical education and health teacher at Elizabethton Junior High School. No, I did not take girls physical education, but wish I had. All of us members of the male gender thought Mrs. Armstrong was quite a dish as I am sure many of Mr. Armstrong’s girl students thought he was quite the handsome young man. Both were very young, just starting their careers that would span many years and many, many students.
Both were young, athletic, and very personable as they would be to generation after generation of boys and girls that passed through their lives. Mr. Armstrong played ball with us during recess and was always wanting to be a winner. Mrs. Armstrong not only taught physical education, but like her husband taught us about life and how to be a good example. They were role models. I idolized them for the next 60 some years as I did many of my teachers and coaches. They were an amazing duo, just like Batman and Batwoman, Robin and Marian, Lucy and Dezi, Bogie and Bacall, and Bill and Catherine. Their accomplishments in education and in the community were phenomenal.
Sadly, Catherine was lost to memories a few days ago. Mr. Armstrong is without his love and companion of many years, but, oh, the legacy she left. And, thankfully we’re able to be part of that legacy.

Dick Ryan

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