The source of unrest in today’s society

Published 11:22 am Friday, August 18, 2023

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To the Editor:
Let us take a review of history in an effort to determine what has led to the massive amount of unrest/contention that is plaguing society today. Every way you turn there is some group at odds with some other group. The issues seem to be endless. It seems everyone is a victim of something. This situation leads to a lot of uneasiness and in many cases to hostility. It is hard to find happiness/enjoyment in such an environment since you are always having to be aware of the looming possibility of offending someone or being canceled.
Historically there have always been wars. One nation taking over another. But since the industrial revolution what has philosophically happened other than wars that have pitted large segments of society against each other. One might consider the French Revolution. But that situation did not result in a philosophical change that was expanded or repeated. Since that time there have been many isms. But which one has continued since its inception to this day and has again moved slowly but methodically into our present society. In fact it has been working in the background ever since its inception. It has become an obsession with a select part of society; i.e., some elites. It is MARXISM! A godless ism. In 1840 Classical Marxism pitted two groups against each other – the worker vs. the owners. This resulted in the Russian revolution and the establishment of communism. Although communism has been a failure, the lure of Marxism continues with elitists within our society.
In the thirties these Marxism elitists decided to try a new form of Marxism. Instead of just two groups why not try three: Classical Marxism, Racism and Sexism. This was promoted behind the scenes during the 1940s, even during WWII. It was promoted behind the scenes by the media and some educational institutions. This resulted in the racial upheavals that we still see today. Instead of promoting harmony it created discord and feelings of victimization. Then we all remember the sexual revolution of the ’60s and ’70s. All of this was promoted behind the scenes by the undercover Marxists within our society. We all were not really aware of what was going on and what was shaping society right before our eyes. Through the time from the ’60s through the ’90s we saw the onslaught of this godless ism on our culture. Some of the changes were Separation of Church and State followed by removal of prayer from the schools, removal of the Bible and the Ten Commandments, restriction of prayer in the public arena and the list goes on. All of this resulted in an uneasiness in society and the decay of morality. Needless to say this had a very negative effect on our churches and the Christian Faith in general. Thus dismantling of our constitution had begun.
By the beginning of the 2000s those who were swayed by the Marxist philosophy had begun to have a great influence on the educational system especially at the college level. Collegiate indoctrination had begun. Part of this movement into the universities was fallout from the Vietnam war. In any event they finally began to cover their Marxist leanings by renaming it socialism.
The leadership of this movement then decided if the movement from two opposing groups to three groups produced more unrest in the movement toward their utopian Marxist Goal why not have multiple groups against each other. Thus you have where we are today—CULTURAL MARXISM. Now there are any number of groups that are disenfranchised or feel that they are victims and are against each other. Consider the divisions we hear of daily: race, economic status, geography, sexual fetishes, sexual gender (trans-humanism), physical disabilities, religion, educational, ageism (victim if old or young), nationality, species (be any species you want) and the list goes on.
The resulting unrest often leads to demonstrations, rioting and shootings. This is augmented by the elitists who pay demonstrators in an effort to further their goals. The old days of mutual respect are over.
This is the framework for disharmony and virtually involves each of us. You often feel like your right of freedom of expression has been destroyed. We continuously worry about offending someone or being canceled. We live in a society on edge. This often leaves us with a feeling of bewilderment. Apathy is another symptom. You have to wonder where this is eventually leading us, perhaps to some form of tyranny associated with the END TIMES.
In the middle of all this is the continuing rapid expansion of technology. The move toward the ultimate evolution is called trans-humanism. With the use of advanced technology along with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in our digital society, they want to come up with a form that surpasses/transcends humanity.
With all the changes we have faced and the projected changes to come, it has become apparent that we all need to ardently pray to the Lord for enlightenment, wisdom and discernment and praise Him for His bountiful GRACE.

J. Ronald Winter

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