Writer: Risks may outweigh benefits of vaccine for children

Published 10:10 am Friday, September 22, 2023

To the Editor:
I was upset to see the announcement and advertisements that young children over age six months should get new COVID vaccines and boosters. Some doctors have said that for children the risks clearly outweigh the benefits of the COVID vaccine. Dr. Peter McCullough, a renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist and editor of several medical journals, criticized the decision to give COVID vaccines to young children. Researcher James Roguski warned parents not to let their children receive COVID vaccines which were never tested for long-term outcome on children. Two of the many reasons were increasing concerns over long-term vaccine side effect harms and the vast majority of this young age group have already been exposed to COVID repeatedly and have demonstrated effective immunity. There were children given the wrong dose. For children and adults there were more vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths from COVID according to Dr. John Campbell. The average person who died from COVID had three shots!
From the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, children were considered safe. The number of children who died from COVID was much less than one percent or statistically zero. In 2020, the first year of COVID, the death rate for all causes went down for children. The number one cause of death for infants in the U.S. is drownings and the leading causes of death for children is automobile accidents. Sadly, there are 11 accidental drownings of children per day. On the average 38 children under the age of 15 die each year from heat stroke after being left in a hot vehicle. Focus on these real dangers. Many have been overcome by fear of the coronavirus because they have confused scary (emotion) with dangerous (facts). While coronavirus ranks high on the scary list it doesn’t rank high on the dangerous list, especially for children. Choose freedom over safety and continue to do what God called you to do such as go to church and tell people about the love of Jesus!
I thank the Elizabethton Star for caring about children and printing my letter, in July 2022, “Safety of Vaccine for Young Children is Unknown.” A parent group called www.momsforliberty.org said, “unmask our children.” They also say, “we do not co-parent with the government!” Teachers say as a result of wearing masks children have more speech problems than ever before. The turmoil from forced mask wearing also caused emotional, mental and social delays. Those places that didn’t require children to wear a mask had no higher death rate. Washing hands was found to be of more benefit than wearing a mask. This virus pandemic didn’t take Jesus by surprise as Jesus said in Matthew 24 in the last days before He returns pestilences (viruses) would come. Jesus said in Matthew 18 that anyone who harms children or turns children from faith in Him will receive severe punishment.
Real actual safety, freedom and peace can only be found in Jesus and trusting His finished work and Jesus’ blood covering your sins!

D.D. Nave

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