Telling children about war

Published 1:24 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Telling children about war

To the Editor:

 Children have more communication sources than ever starting at a very young age. They will be exposed to the Israel and Hamas war in some way. It’s being talked about in school. on social media and at church. Christians who support missionaries or have friends in the affected areas are posting on social media. The world is small, our children no longer only focus on the neighborhood around them but the global neighborhood of humanity, as well. That’s a lot of stress and fear for a child to handle. 

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War has always been part of human existence. Sin is present in the world. Greed, lust  and coveting is worse than ever in these end days causing cheating, stealing and killing. Satan is more active in these end days and wants to steal, kill and destroy. Pride and the desire for power drives evil to unimaginable lengths. The Bible tells it like it is with stories of war, both righteous and not. Sometimes God called Israel to invade an evil country. When Israel became evil and sacrificed their children or had idols to other gods, God would send another country to invade Israel. 

 Focus on the Family’s article, “How to Talk With Your Kids About War” gives parents some helpful suggestions to help their children to understand war without further fear and unnecessary stress. Christian parents can remind children that first, Jesus is in control and “the battle belongs to the Lord.” Second, Jesus loves everyone, promotes peace and hates evil. Third, We are not designed to know everything about Jesus or His plans. And that’s okay.  Fourth, all things that happen aren’t good because God allows free will, but God can bring good from it in the long run. Fifth, Children can and should pray about anything and prayer lowers stress. Sixth, reading the Bible and singing Christian songs with your children lowers their stress.

The important thing is to keep communication open with children. Ask questions. When there is quiet time, such as tucking your child in bed ask how does hearing about war make you feel? There is a balance between too little and too much information. Remind children that many things said on the news and the internet aren’t true.” Many things said are to get your attention or distract you from something else happening. The first casualty of war is the truth.” Your child’s age is also a consideration in what you say and how you say it. 

 We all need to pray that the war will not escalate. From a purely strategic standpoint with an emphasis on keeping deaths and casualties to a minimum other countries should stay out of this local conflict because more countries involved in the war will serve to escalate, not end the Israeli and Hamas war!

 Sadly, more wars are coming. The more wars the more lack of food and homeless in the world.  The Muslims of Azerbaijan say they will soon invade and kill the Christians of Armenia and take their land. China says they will soon invade Taiwan if they don’t surrender. The end time dominoes are starting to fall. Pastor Geoffrey Grinder says, “the prophetic clock is now set at one second to midnight. If you’re planning on getting something done for the Lord Jesus, do it now!”


D.D. Nave