“The Big Show” Marcus Shomaker

Published 8:09 am Thursday, October 19, 2023

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BY C.Y. Peters

Marcus Shoemaker, a name that resonates with pride and determination at Unaka High School. A legend in the making, he has etched his mark on the local sports scene, earning accolades and recognition as one of the finest young talents in high school football. The Prep Redzone Preseason All-State 1-A and All-Region 2022 honors were testaments to his unwavering commitment to excellence on the field.

But Marcus is more than just a star athlete. He is a young man who thrives on activity, both on and off the gridiron. Whether it was a refreshing swim, a heated game of basketball, or simply lending a hand with household chores, Marcus lives life with enthusiasm and a relentless drive to be the best at whatever he pursues.

Football has been his passion since childhood, and as he grew, the game became more than just a sport. It became a teacher of life’s invaluable lessons – leadership, trust, teamwork, morality, and unwavering work ethic. These are the cornerstones of his journey to success. He firmly believes that the skills and values instilled on the football field will guide him to triumph in life’s broader arena.

As Marcus looks back at his high school years, he realizes his goals have evolved. Beyond personal achievements, he now aspired to lead and mentor the upcoming generations of athletes. He wants to impart not just the Xs and Os of the game but the principles that have molded him into a leader and captain during his senior year.

Marcus’s early life was relatively quiet as an only child until his mother married his stepfather, who brought three daughters into the family and, later, a little brother. This blending of lives had taught him about adaptability, unity, and the joys of having a large, diverse family.

His academic journey took place at Hunter First Baptist, where he not only excelled on the field but also in organizations like FCCLA, Beta Club, and Key Club. His commitment to his community is as strong as his dedication to sports.

With high school nearing its end, Marcus has his sights set on the future, which remains uncertain but promising. He doesn’t know where God will take him after graduation, but one thing is certain – he will continue striving to be the best version of himself, no matter the path he chooses.

A significant part of his success story was dedicated to Coach Bennett, the man who has guided him throughout his four-year high school football journey. Coach Bennett has been more than just a mentor; he has been a visionary. From the time Marcus was a young freshman, Coach Bennett has emphasized that these four years at Unaka High School would be a turning point, where they would make history. And indeed, history has been made with playoff appearances and even securing two home playoff games.

Coach Bennett’s wisdom extended beyond the field. He imparted invaluable life lessons, turning the boys into men and preparing them for life outside of high school. He often reminds them that their legacy at Unaka High School will never fade, no matter where they went next.

As Marcus Shoemaker looks towards an uncertain college future, one thing is clear – he is a young man who has learned the values of hard work, leadership, and dedication through his love for football. His journey has just begun, and he is eager to take on new challenges, wherever they might lead him. While he might not have any offers yet, his determination to play at the collegiate level burns brightly, ready to propel him to new heights.

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