Halloween used by some Christians for outreach

Published 9:21 am Friday, October 27, 2023

To the Editor:
A survey found over 65 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween. Christians don’t celebrate Halloween. But we do participate in Halloween and use it as another opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus. Most Christian pastors see Halloween as an opportunity to reach out, says Scott McConnell. He says, “This is a time when your neighbors literally come to your doorstep and pastors don’t want their church members to waste that chance to make a connection or invite someone to church.” A survey found that two-thirds (67 percent) of Protestant pastors say they encourage church members to ask their neighbors to a church-related event like a fall fair, trunk-or-treat or judgment house.
In the past more churches had judgment houses. I remember years ago Sinking Creek Baptist and Hunter First Baptist had judgment houses. Judgment houses are great because they have helped people make the decision to become Christians. The Bible in Psalm 37:30 says the Christians (righteous) talk of judgment. Christians need to tell people the seven-year tribulation which is judgment on the earth could begin any time and if they reject Jesus they will face eternal judgment. About 25 percent of pastors encourage church members to hand out Christian gospel tracts at Halloween with their candy. Only 8 percent of pastors (mostly old pastors) want church members to skip Halloween completely. Tract and treat is far better than “trick or treat!”
Christian parents should make careful decisions based on a Bible informed Christian conscience. The Bible says do everything for the glory of God. The Bible in Philippians 4 says …”whatsoever things are true…honest…just…lovely…of a good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Some Halloween practices are clearly out of bounds. Such things as watching violent bloody “slasher” films starring Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger are things the Bible says not to think on. While “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is suitable for children. Halloween is a good time for Christians to remember that evil spirits (demons) are real and that the devil will use every opportunity to get attention and promote his agenda. There are 1.5 million real witches in America. The world is getting darker and more violent and evil. However, God has the ultimate power over all evil forces!
Some witches are even claiming they are Christians. There are no “good witches” or “Christian witches.” Witchcraft means to communicate with the devil or the use of sorcery or magic. All witches have rejected Almighty God in a quest for unlimited power and control to direct life circumstances. The Bible rejects witchcraft more than a dozen times in both the Old and New Testaments. 1 Chronicles 10 states that King Saul died because he consulted a medium or witch. God commands in Leviticus 19:31, “Do not seek those with a familiar spirit, neither seek wizards (witches) for you will be defiled by them.” Revelation 21:8 states,”…sorcerers (those who practice magic arts such as witches)…shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone.” Galatians 5 lists both the fruit of the Spirit and the works or acts of the flesh. Witchcraft is listed among the evil works of the flesh. Isaiah 8 notes there’s an emptiness in witchcraft practices, stating, “they have no light in them.” The good news is witches can become Christians. I was happy to see Kat Von D, famous tattoo artist and newly converted Christian. proudly share her baptism on video. Kat announced after becoming a Christian she gave up witchcraft and the occult. This change cost Kat a lot of pain when she had her witch and occult tattoo covered. Kat also lost followers. The devil and his demonic followers hate Christians and want Christians to shut up and go away. They will so get their wishes as Jesus will soon rapture Christians to heaven!
One thing I don’t like about Halloween is it’s the number one day children are injured by cars. I am thankful Elizabethton provides a safe place downtown for children to walk around and get candy. Hope to see you and your children from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. downtown on Tuesday, Oct. 31. We expect over 2,000 people will participate. As Christians, we possess the wonderful knowledge that Jesus is the Light who has overcome the darkness (John 8:12) which people at Halloween tend to glorify. Rarely are we Christians provided with such a perfect opportunity on which to shine as lights in the dark world as on Halloween. Modern-day Halloween depictions of graveyards, ghosts, witches and gruesome horrors provide a perfect contrast to the light, life and goodness to be found only in Jesus. The evil globalist reset which has already begun is now bringing war, death, starvation, poverty and slavery to the earth. Contrast this with the soon reset of God that brings the rapture of Christians to heaven by Jesus and eternal life, peace and freedom for Christians. May God help us to be light in the darkness and find ways to creatively bring the “hallowed” back into Halloween.” Rather than spending time wondering what God thinks about Halloween, whether you participate in Halloween festivities or not, commit October 31 to praying and thanking Jesus for being the light of the world and overcoming darkness and death, and share that good news of Jesus with others and put the dark side on the defensive!”

D.D. Nave

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