Celebrating the remarkable achievements of five Signature Health Hall of Fame Inductees

Published 1:19 pm Friday, November 3, 2023

On November 2, a special ceremony at Signature Health Care Center brought together family, friends, and staff to honor five remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on their communities. These extraordinary individuals were inducted into the Signature Health Hall of Fame, each with a unique story of dedication, service, and passion for their chosen paths.

Linda Faye Peters: A True Elizabethton Star
Linda Faye Peters, a beloved figure in Elizabethton, was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Debbie Street. Linda’s legacy as a Star delivery lady spanned over five decades. Through rain, snow, and all kinds of weather, she faithfully delivered newspapers to the community, becoming a symbol of reliability and warmth. Debbie Street fondly recounted the times when Linda delivered the paper in knee-high snow and how, during a difficult time in her life, Linda left a handwritten note with the paper, offering her condolences. This gesture encapsulated Linda’s compassion and commitment to her community.

Not only was Linda a dedicated newspaper delivery woman, but she also worked as an aide at Unaka Elementary for 12 years. In 1986, she joined her husband C.Y. in the fudge business. Together, they traveled to various trade and craft shows, offering their delicious homemade fudge to eager customers. Linda’s legacy is a testament to the dedication and kindness she brought to her community.

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Dr. Jane Melendza: A Trailblazer for Education and Animal Welfare
Dr. Jane Melendza, a retired professor at E.T.S.U. College, was another notable inductee. Throughout her life, she served as a trailblazer for women in education. Dr. Melendza dedicated her career to advocating for women’s rights, underprivileged populations, minorities, and the welfare of abused and neglected animals. Her tireless efforts not only elevated her career but also made a significant impact on the lives she touched. Her induction into the Hall of Fame is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

Jim and Teresa Kiser: A Couple with a Heart for Service
Jim and Teresa Kiser, inducted by Roberta Campbell, are a remarkable couple who have made a significant impact in their community. Jim is a retired machinist tool and die maker who enjoys preaching, hunting, and fishing. Teresa dedicated 23 years of her life to the Carter County school system, working as a special education instructional aide. The Kisers are active members of Southside Freewill Baptist Church, where they have a Nursing Home Ministry, bringing comfort and God’s word to residents and staff at Signature Health Care. Their induction highlights their unwavering commitment to service and their dedication to making a difference in the lives of others.

Linda Ervin: A Compassionate Nurse and Caring Soul
Linda Ervin, inducted by Freida Carrier, is a compassionate and caring individual who has left an indelible mark through her 38-year career as a nurse. Born in Sullivan County and a graduate of Dobyns-Bennett High School, Linda earned her Nursing RN at E.T.S.U. Her motto, “Always tell the truth and treat others the way you want to be treated,” embodies her commitment to kindness and ethics in her profession. Her induction into the Hall of Fame recognizes her dedication to the well-being of others and her invaluable contributions as a nurse.

Heather LeeAnn Stout: A Life Enrichment Coordinator
Heather LeeAnn Stout, inducted by Freida Carrier, is a dedicated individual who has been with Signature Health since 2007. A graduate of Unaka High School and married to Billy Stout, Heather is the proud mother of two children. Over the years, she has held various positions at the facility, and currently, she serves as a Life Enrichment Coordinator. Her passion for enriching the lives of the residents and her commitment to the organization make her a deserving Hall of Fame inductee.

The induction ceremony held at Signature Health Care Center was a heartwarming event, with Codie Berry performing two beautiful songs. The families, friends, and well-wishers of the inductees gathered to celebrate their remarkable achievements. A delicious meal was served, bringing everyone together to share stories and memories. Additionally, Shirley Capps shared a touching poem written by Lana Calhoun, the HR director of Riverview Health Care Center, adding an emotional and heartfelt touch to the ceremony.

The Signature Health Hall of Fame serves as a reminder of the incredible individuals in our communities who go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. These five inductees, Linda Faye Peters, Dr. Jane Melendza, Jim and Teresa Kiser, Linda Ervin, and Heather LeeAnn Stout, have left an enduring legacy of service, dedication, and compassion. Their stories inspire us all to strive for a better and more compassionate world.