Hampton sports icon: Tim Andrews – a legend on and off the field

Published 9:15 am Thursday, November 9, 2023

BY C.Y. Peters

When you think about Hampton sports, many names come to mind over the years, but one man who made a solid commitment to the Bulldogs was Tim Andrews. A proud Little Milligan graduate, Andrews helped put basketball on the map in Poga, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts of the community and its sports enthusiasts.

Tim Andrews was a remarkable athlete, well-built, strong, and versatile. He excelled not only in basketball but also in football and Track and Field, making him a dream player for Coach J.C. Campbell. Campbell was not only a mentor but also a source of inspiration for Andrews. Under Campbell’s guidance, the Bulldogs achieved numerous victories, and he later returned to his alma mater to serve as an assistant coach, leading the Bulldogs to even more triumphs.

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One memorable moment that etched Andrews’ name in the history books was during a football game at Unaka. On the very first play, Andrews scored a touchdown, leaving the crowd in awe. The announcer, Doug Buckles, couldn’t help but exclaim, “Tim Andrews has scored a touchdown before I can get my bag of popcorn opened.”

In 1983, Andrews had the opportunity to play in the State tournament, an experience that left him amazed by the colossal coliseum. He humorously wondered how many bales of hay he could fit in the massive gym. It was moments like these that endeared Andrews to the Hampton community, with his down-to-earth and humble nature.

After his playing and coaching days, Tim Andrews continued to give back to the community he cherished. He admitted that when he first started coaching at Hampton, he didn’t know much about it, but he saw that Coach Phillips needed help, and he was more than willing to step up. His dedication showed, as he became one of the best line coaches at Hampton, leading the team to memorable victories, including a sweet triumph over Cosby in 2006.

Tim Andrews was more than just an athlete and coach; he was family. Both Coach Campbell and Coach Phillips treated him like a son. In fact, Phillips had been his taxi when he was a player, showcasing the deep bonds that are formed through sports.

On a personal note, Tim Andrews found love in Hampton. He married Kim Milhorn, one of the prettiest and sweetest girls in the town, forming a partnership as strong and enduring as his commitment to sports.

While Andrews may have retired from coaching, he never stopped being a pillar of support in the community. Today, he is one of the top leaders at Ivy Hall Nursing Home, where he selflessly dedicates his time to taking care of the elderly. It’s a testament to his character and commitment, on and off the field.

Though he may be out of the sports’ big lights now, Tim Andrews fondly remembers his days leading a bunch of 10-year-olds from Hampton, going undefeated, and winning the TY Disney Bowl in Greenville. These memories, among many others, fill the pages of his scrapbook, reminding us all of the remarkable legacy he’s left behind in the world of Hampton sports. Tim Andrews, a true icon on and off the field, will forever be celebrated in the hearts of those he inspired and coached.