Loren Harris, Trusting God in the Gale

Published 11:16 am Friday, December 1, 2023

By Ron Marvel
Star Correspondent
If we could examine a person’s faith, it would probably be better to do so while that individual was struggling or in a compromised position. No other time can a person reflect God better than when their journey has been disrupted. In those moments of pain and strife, our trust and hope in God can either bloom or wilt. For former Kingdom Heir baritone Loren Harris his struggles and anxiety are allowing him to echo God in even greater ways.
Loren Harris has been using his gift – his voice – to serve and exalt God in song for over the last 25 years. The ETSU graduate has served in various Gospel groups including the Wilburns and the Perrys; he also served as Worship Leader and Administrator at Valley Forge Freewill in Elizabethton for 10 years before getting the honor to serve as lead vocalist for seven years with the Kingdom Heirs, who perform daily at Dollywood and are considered one of the premier Southern Gospel Groups in America. Along the way, Loren received numerous accolades including being nominated several times for Top 5 Male Vocalist and multiple Dove Awards. During his 25 years Loren acknowledged there was no greater highlight than sharing the Gospel with the thousands of folks he would come in contact with. “Gospel music gives people hope, it tells the story of God’s love and the truth of His Word, and gives the listener encouragement for whatever they are going through,” Harris shared.
Loren’s life took a different turn in 2021. While on tour Loren had a seizure which led to an automobile accident. En route to Johnson City Medical Center he would have another seizure. During the next year, Loren would endure other seizures though often spaced months apart. “This past August on vacation with the family I had two within five days.The doctor felt as though stress was triggering many of these episodes,” Harris shared. Many days Loren would spend four hours on the road driving from Elizabethton to Dollywood back-and-forth. In addition to the travel Loren knew the Kingdom Heirs were also ramping up their schedule, a schedule that included over 700 shows per year. With the Christmas season coming up, the busiest time of the year for the Kingdom Heirs, Loren and the group came to a mutual agreement to part ways.
After coming home God began to speak to Loren to start a solo career. “Being able to minister in a church setting was very appealing. The opportunity to share with folks who are hurting in a more intimate setting was exciting,” Harris added. It’s important to note that this decision was not an easy one for Loren. The challenge of going solo while being in a quartet for the majority of his career was an intimidating one. “I was battling with it. An evangelist told me God can use us more when we are out of our comfort zone. When you’re comfortable you don’t have to rely on God as much. I have already seen God move in the solo concerts we have done. Many folks have been touched as I share about my health issues. They can relate as I share my struggles,” Harris said. A recent message from Loren’s pastor, Randy Johnson, also moved him. “He preached a message entitled “For Such a Time as This” and it spoke to me on how God could use me and how leaving the Kingdom Heirs was a catalyst for this solo career,” Harris explained. God is also speaking to Loren in other more subtle ways. Whenever you have a seizure, you have to go six months without driving. This scenario has allowed Loren to spend more time with his wife Cindy as she drives him to the churches where he has these concerts set up. Harris is also hopeful he will be able to watch his daughter Kenidy play softball this spring. She committed to Bluefield University this past spring. Daily, God seems to be revealing himself to Loren and after a lifetime of constantly going and moving he is learning to be still and hear His voice
Loren’s life serves as a witness to how God can show Himself in our struggles; each storm can allow God to reveal Himself and open doors to display his power through our lives. Loren Harris sees a God that is able and caring and in Job-like hope and devotion Loren gladly shares his story.
If you are interested in booking Loren for your church service, event, revival, or conference, you can contact him on Facebook Messenger or at loren.harris1969@gmail.com

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