CCSO advises residents to secure their vehicles to help prevent theft

Published 12:23 pm Monday, December 4, 2023

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Carter County has seen a recent spike in the number of thefts from vehicles parked at residences in recent weeks and residents are being advised to take a simple yet effective step to help keep their valuables safe. “Something as simple as taking just a few seconds to make sure your vehicle is locked and secure can go a long way toward preventing a theft,” Carter County Sheriff Mike Fraley said. “These crimes are typically a crime of opportunity and the thief is looking for a quick and easy payday.
“When the thief finds a locked door, they will most likely move on to an easier target because they don’t want to risk being caught because they took too long to get into the vehicle or they drew attention to themselves by making a lot of noise,” Sheriff Fraley added.
In recent thefts reported to the Carter County Sheriff’s Office, residents have reported items such as cash, credit cards, electronics, and even firearms have been stolen from vehicles parked outside their homes.
“I would advise that you do not leave valuables, especially firearms, in your vehicle, but if you must, please make sure they are stored securely and out of sight,” Sheriff Fraley said.
Unsecured vehicles are not the only things that thieves look for when trying to find a target around a home. With the holidays upon us, many residents are receiving deliveries of packages to their homes which creates a target for thieves. “They will drive around neighborhoods looking for homes with packages sitting on the porch and if they spot a likely target they will hop out, grab the packages, and drive off,” Sheriff Fraley said. “These crimes often go unsolved because there are no witnesses and no way to identify who the suspects are.”
Some measures to help combat these “porch pirates” include:
Install doorbell cameras or other security cameras around your home. This will also help to collect evidence and possibly identify a suspect in the event a theft does occur;
If possible, schedule deliveries for when you will be home;
Have family, friends, or neighbors collect packages when you are not home so they don’t become a tempting target;
Install a lockbox on your porch for deliveries;
Have packages delivered to a storefront package locker.

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