The left is doubling down on its two tiers crusade

Published 8:25 am Monday, December 18, 2023


Equal justice under the law — which Thomas Jefferson called the “creed of our political faith” — has long been the bedrock of our nation’s safety, prosperity, and freedom.

But today, we have never been at greater risk of losing these blessings as the impartial rule of law is giving way to the Left’s two-tiered system of justice. Its rules are simple: If you break the law as a Democrat, you’re off the hook. If you’re a conservative or dissent from the Left’s radical agenda, the government will target you for your beliefs.

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Look no further than how Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are undermining the Supreme Court. For months, Democrats have smeared Justices Thomas and Alito with debunked allegations of ethics violations. But after reports emerged that Justice Sotomayor used her taxpayer-funded staff to pressure universities to buy her books — which she personally profited from — Democrats ignored the allegations. In fact, last week, they blocked my subpoena for information about Sotomayor’s alleged misconduct.

It would be bad enough if Senate Democrats were the only ones championing the “Two Tiers” crusade. But under President Biden, the agencies most responsible for enforcing the rule of law — the Justice Department and the FBI — are leading the charge to abandon it.

Recently, we’ve heard disturbing allegations that the FBI failed to investigate sex trafficking allegations against Jeffrey Epstein. But after I tried to uncover the FBI-redacted flight logs from the wealthy financier, who donated tens of thousands to Democratic candidates, Senate Democrats once again stonewalled my subpoena. FBI Director Wray also informed me that he would “get with [his] team and figure out if there’s more information [they] can provide,” but I’m not holding my breath. The American people deserve to know every name on that list, but Democrats are apparently more interested in intimidating conservative Justices than standing up for the survivors of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Evidence also continues to pile up that the President was involved in his son Hunter’s illicit business dealings. According to newly uncovered bank records, Hunter sent monthly payments to his father from the same account that he received payments from Communist China. And new documents disclosed by IRS whistleblowers show that, as Vice President, Biden used alias email accounts to exchange hundreds of emails with Hunter and his business partner.

These reports are deeply troubling. But when Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Wray over his agency’s failure to uncover the Biden family business, the FBI Director evaded our questions, claiming that “he can’t discuss an ongoing investigation.”

It seems that if your last name is Biden, the law doesn’t apply to you. But if you happen to be a conservative, the government will stop at nothing to come after you. Biden-appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith is reportedly investigating millions of Americans for simply liking or sharing President Trump’s tweets. And a new report by the House Oversight Committee shows that Biden’s FBI targeted Catholic Americans as “potential domestic terrorists” and developed plans to “infiltrate Catholic churches as a form of ‘threat mitigation.’”

Tennesseans know this two-tiered system of justice is wrong, dangerous, and an affront to our fundamental values. That’s why I’m fighting for accountability and pushing the Biden administration to stop ignoring actual threats to our country. Under President Biden, more than 160 suspected terrorists were apprehended at the southern border in fiscal year 2023 — a number larger than the last six years combined. Since October, more than 6,000 Chinese nationals, 700 Afghans, and dozens of Iranians have also been encountered at the border. And violent crime continues to rise in cities across the country, including our nation’s capital, where an FBI agent was carjacked last week just steps from the Lincoln Memorial.

We can’t afford to ignore these threats any longer. I will continue to fight to end the Left’s two tiers of justice, restore the rule of law, and put our nation on a better path.

(Marsha Blackburn represents Tennessee in the U.S. Senate.)