A triumph in the 2023 Johnson City Eye Clinic-Carter County Sports Hall of Fame Christmas Tournament

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, January 2, 2024

In the heart of winter, the Elizabethton Park and Rec Center became the epicenter of thrilling basketball battles during the 2023 Johnson City Eye Clinic-Carter County Sports Hall of Fame Christmas Tournament. Crowds swarmed in, eager to witness the clash of talents as teams from across counties vied for victory. Saturday, December 30th, marked a day etched in the memories of basketball aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

The Hunter Tigers, both boys and girls, emerged as the champions in the eighth-grade category, sparking waves of jubilation among their supporters. Their dazzling display of skill and teamwork echoed through the courts, setting the tone for an electrifying series of matches.

However, the spotlight also shone on the JV Division, witnessing the Hampton Bulldogs claiming the boys’ title and the Cherokee team coached by Brandon Burchfield securing the girls’ championship. Their hard-fought battles and unwavering determination painted a tapestry of athletic excellence.

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The stands pulsated with energy as the passionate fans cheered fervently for their respective teams. Happy Valley showcased impressive performances, securing second place in both the Girls JV and varsity brackets. Meanwhile, the Cloudland boys exhibited their expertise by finishing as runners-up in both varsity and JV categories.

Indian Trail exhibited their tenacity, clinching the third spot in the boys’ JV, while Valley Forge Peewees admirably claimed fourth place. The Fall Branch Cardinals carved their path to success, securing third place in both boys’ and girls’ varsity competitions, while the Fall Branch boys clinched the fourth position.

The tournament resonated as a resounding success, a testament to the collaboration and support from various sponsors and contributors. The Johnson City Eye Clinic’s sponsorship was pivotal, fortifying the event’s success. Gratitude poured out to the Elizabethton Park and Rec, Pizza Hut, Nancy’s Restaurant, City Market, and the dedicated helpers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Acknowledgment extended to the remarkable coaches whose guidance and mentorship sculpted these talented teams. Herb Greenlee’s expertise as a referee ensured fair play and added a professional touch to the tournament’s proceedings.

“Looking forward to next year,” Steve Lowe, the representative for the Carter County Sports Hall of Fame, encapsulating the sentiment of anticipation and excitement that lingered in the air. The tournament wasn’t just about winning titles; it was a celebration of sportsmanship, dedication, and the thriving spirit of competition that unified communities.  The memories forged in the crucible of this tournament will remain etched in the hearts of players, coaches, and supporters for years to come.