Will you face 2024 with fear or fearlessness?

Published 1:24 pm Friday, January 12, 2024

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Wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. The cost of groceries, fast food, building materials, and most anything you can name has increased dramatically.
Millions of Americans are Social Security recipients. The modest increase coming in January will feel like a drop in the bucket. Every little bit helps and it will truly be a little bit compared to the financial needs of senior adult Americans.
Almost every day we see the national reports of the thousands of undocumented immigrants flooding our country. This does not make us feel very secure. Our government could stop this but they don’t. We have the ability to stop this insane invasion of America but for some reason our leaders obviously want the masses to keep coming. This is fearful. How will these people survive in America? Where will they live? Are there jobs for all these people? Is this really fair and helping them when so many of them will have to sleep on the streets of our major cities? I don’t see how. Will this invasion become the eventual end of the America we have enjoyed, without a shot being fired?
Politics is not comforting to most Americans. Who can we trust? Is anybody telling the truth? Are all politicians liars and thieves? Do they all have nasty baggage in the closet? Are there any real leaders that we can respect and admire without having to look down or look away when we mention their names? Yes, there are those we believe in but none of them are perfect and most are far from perfect. Of course, no one is perfect. This is nerve wracking for Americans, especially in such a crucial election year.
We are constantly bombarded with pleas for support. Currently it’s Ukraine. Ukraine obviously needs help. It’s difficult for us to fathom billions of dollars for Ukraine when we won’t secure our own borders and protect our own citizens. How does this make sense?
Interest rates may come down in 2024 but will they come down enough? A seven percent rate on a $40,000 car is a tough payment for many Americans. The housing market is struggling. Who can afford a $350,000 house along with a seven or eight percent loan? Obviously not many as home sales are badly slumping right now.
There is a lot to scare us in this world. Cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, and more. When we do get sick there is the price tag that comes with waging a medical war to survive. So often, people postpone going to the doctor because they don’t want to see the medical bills and this ends up being a very unhealthy and often deadly decision. The whole scenario is fearful.
However, life is not to be lived in fear. Fear freezes us, paralyzes us, and overcomes us. We seldom move forward when frozen by fear. My hope for all of us is that we might overcome fear in our lives and dethrone the beast from ruling over us in 2024. My hope for you is that you might have the power of God in your life in such a way, that his presence will be greater in you than all the fears we are facing in the world. May you have this power in you in such a way that you will face this next year with strength and fearlessness.
(Glenn Mollette’s column is published in over 500 columns in all 50 states)

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