Writer replies to Marsha Blackburn’s recent commentary

Published 10:31 am Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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To the Editor:
For my friends and fellow taxpayers, I would like to address Mrs. Blackburn’s recent publication. She complains against our mounting national debt citing the current president, but nowhere do I see her lay blame at the massive tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations that grew the huge national debt under her approval during the 45th’s tenure as president. It was a give to the wealthy, who do fine without tax cuts, which just makes them richer, and does nothing for the middle class and poor.
She refers to higher prices, but she leaves out the fact that your big business and corporations are the instigators of the rumor of coming inflation and their ability to make it happen. It’s ironic that our economy keeps growing under Biden but she keeps saying it is a failure. I don’t call high employment, low unemployment, and thousands of jobs created a failure, do you?
And the so-called low inflation under the previous president can be cleared up because the economy was so bad under him that there was little to inflate. Who is in charge of raising prices? Who controls production? Who sets the prices you pay at the pump, grocery store, clothing stores, etc.? It’s not Joe Biden. If you don’t want inflated prices, stop buying stuff you don’t need. There is something to the supply and demand sides of economics. Of course the economy will slow down, but so should prices. Food prices too high? Go on a diet. Cook at home. I’m sure you can find some places to cut your expenditures. Maybe even raising a garden or have tomato plants in the back of your house.
She’s a little out of date on gas prices, but when her pals blamed Biden for the high gas prices of just a while back, she didn’t give him credit for when they came down, but then, those in the know, know that the president does not control gas prices. However, Joe Biden did release some gas from our reserves to give some relief to our citizens. I guess she forgot that.
She said home sales were falling at a terrible rate. I guess she hasn’t been to Johnson City lately.
She said Biden’s administration has tried to regulate every part of a person’s life. So you who are smart and have followed how the Republicans have stepped in to regulate and oppress women’s lives on things which should be private, then I would question just how much I would believe of what Blackburn says. What she’s saying just isn’t right.

Janet Hyder

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