Lady’s fall draws kindness from many in Elizabethton

Published 8:24 am Friday, February 16, 2024

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To the Editor:
With all of the crazy things happening in our world and seemingly emphasized in the news, I just want to let y’all know there are still plenty of good things going on and wonderful people around us.
On Saturday, Feb. 3, while walking with my friend in downtown Elizabethton, I tripped on the sidewalk and fell hitting my head hard. No stumble, just bam!!! Almost immediately a young grandfather who had just taken his granddaughter for ice cream, appeared and insisted that I not get up. From somewhere napkins appeared and pressure was applied to the gash over my right eye which was spewing blood. I take a blood thinner so that wasn’t helping things. The gentleman called 911 and then a kind lady stopped to block the bright sun shining directly in my eyes. After a short while she moved and sat behind me on the sidewalk so I could lean against her back while waiting for the ambulance. How thoughtful is that? While waiting for the ambulance numerous people passing by stopped to ask if there was anything they could do to help. Even a nurse and an EMT person who were in the area stopped, checked my vision and the gash on my head and told me to stay seated and wait for the ambulance. All the while the grandfather and young lady – my backrest – waited with my friend and I until the ambulance arrived. Everyone was very concerned and helpful.
When the ambulance arrived the EMTs started their protocol and in the confusion I forgot to get the names of my two “angels.” I hope they know I will always remember them and their kindness. What a wonderful example the grandfather was for his granddaughter.
The goodness of the folks in Elizabethton did not stop there. The EMTs, Chuck and Mike, were wonderful as were the Sycamore Shoals Emergency Room team at the hospital. When test results indicated a small brain bleed the Trauma and Neurosurgery folks jumped in and immediately called for an ambulance to transfer me to Johnson City Medical Center. To my surprise it was Chuck and Mike who returned to escort me to JCMC. As expected, everyone there was pleasant, friendly and efficient.
We are indeed blessed to have so many good, kind people around us.

Alice and Norm MacDonald

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