Signs of spring popping up everywhere

Published 11:42 am Friday, March 8, 2024

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Spring is still days away, but there are signs of it popping up everywhere. The wildflowers, collectively known as spring ephemerals, have emerged all over the place: violets and buttercups, and even daffodils. These tiny woodland flowers make their appearance in the first mild days of springtime. But, that’s not all. The Bradford Pears are blooming as are the forsythia bushes.

Everywhere, spring seems to be unfurling its annual magnificence weeks ahead of the normal.

The time will change this weekend, giving us longer evenings…and Easter is just three weeks away, which means Easter egg hunts and Easter bonnets are on the horizon.

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The songbirds are equally confused. Before the winter visitors had even packed their bags, the earliest arrivals were choosing nest sites. The robins can be seen early each morning seeking out nesting sites. The Carolina Wrens are also seeking out nesting spots. They are only doing what wrens normally do on any warm day in early March: scouting out the options for a nesting season that would commence some time hence. Most songbirds seem to understand that warmth in winter is unlikely to last, that another Arctic blast is bound to stomp in before true spring finally shivers into green. Or maybe it’s just that winter always comes back quickly enough for them to give up on the idea of nesting.

Although it’s still winter, it’s exciting to see the first signs of spring. It is a season of birth and renewal and the earth is responding to its call. Just as the weather warms, baseball and softball season begins. Bicycling has made a comeback, especially on the Tweetsie Trail as well as other local trails. So, it would be beneficial for the drivers out there, whether adults, seniors or newly minted drivers, to take care and drive slow in the areas of the trails and keep cyclists, runners, and pedestrians safe as we begin our sojourn into spring. Take a moment to stop at stop signs rather than rolling through them. The few seconds it takes to heed driving regulations could make the difference between a good day and disaster.

Enjoy the warm days of March…as we head deeper into the spring season, there will be warmer days and lots of sunshine!