Spring has officially arrived…the calendar says so

Published 11:02 am Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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Although the air is still a bit nippy, the calendar says that spring has officially arrived.

As the chill of winter slowly dissipates and the earth awakens with vibrant hues, there’s an undeniable sense of anticipation in the air – spring is at the door. This annual transition isn’t merely a shift in weather; as we’d like to think, it’s a beckoning call to embrace the great outdoors and revel in the wonders of nature.


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As we enjoy the warm weather this week, our minds wander. Fresh, warm air. Light breezes, bringing the intoxicating smell of spring blooms. Trees bursting with new leaves. Birds happily flitting about, looking for food for their new brood. Sunshine that warms not only the body, but the soul as well.

Flowers are poking up through the earth. Trees and bushes are sporting their vibrant blooms. Grass is growing and getting greener. The birds that flew south for the winter are returning.

Spring is recognized across cultures and religions as a time of birth, rebirth and renewal. Because just as something in the plants and animals recognize spring as the time to wake up and begin anew, something in us does, too.

We’re emerging from closed up houses and from under layers of clothes. (Some of us may have even dared to wear shorts and t-shirts last week.) We’re shaking off our seasonal sadness and sunlight-deficiency-induced exhaustion. We’re spending more time outdoors and traveling for short trips or longer vacations. We’re “spring cleaning” – or will be soon. We’re maybe just a little more excited to greet each day.

There’s a kind of resilience in spring. Something about the way new buds cling to branches and stems and still insist on blossoming, despite the late-season snows or the raging thunderstorms. So many of the plants we thought were dead are coming back to life. Yes, spring. The season that brings us from those cold and dreary days of winter to the renewal of life. It’s no wonder that a Gallup poll said Americans favor spring as their favorite season, 36 percent compared to the runner-up, fall at 27 percent. It has been America’s favorite season since the 1940s, probably longer than that, but polls (thank goodness) weren’t around back then. And it makes sense that among young adults, summer outpaces spring as the favorite season. The warmth of the sun’s rays kissing our skin, the blooming of spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils –  these simple pleasures of springtime have profound effects on our mental and physical well-being. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance cognitive function.

Spring is really somewhat unpredictable around here. We can have 70s degrees in March, and freeze in April. We can have a drought, or more likely, not even be able to work the ground because it is too wet. 

Just as nature undergoes a process of rebirth during spring, so too can we experience personal growth and renewal. Whether it’s embarking on a new hobby, setting fitness goals, or simply taking time to reflect and recharge, the arrival of spring symbolizes endless possibilities and a fresh start.

In the next few days we will celebrate Easter and the Resurrection of our Savior. But even if we’re just happily hunting plastic eggs and stuffing our faces with chocolate – sans the religious accouterments – we can still learn from the lessons of spring: Birth, rebirth, renewal.

Nature has its cycles, and so will you.