The Little Men from the Mountains: Carl Roberson’s Legacy

Published 9:37 am Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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BY C.Y. Peters

In the heart of Appalachia, where the mountains kissed the skies and communities nestled close, there lived a young man named Carl Roberson. His story wasn’t just about his triumph on the basketball court for Hampton High School from 1957 to 1960; it was about his enduring spirit, which echoed through generations.

Carl, with his towering presence on the court, became the linchpin of Hampton’s basketball legacy. The year 1960 marked the pinnacle, as they clinched the state title in a riveting showdown against Union City. The victory immortalized them as the “Little Men from the Mountains,” a team that defied the odds and proved that greatness doesn’t solely reside in size.

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His athletic capability extended beyond the basketball court. He soared in track and field, conquering the high jump and etching his name among the conference’s best. But it wasn’t just about the wins and accolades that defined Carl; it was the ethos of leadership that defined his essence.

Coach Van Huss spoke with admiration, highlighting Carl and Wes Forbes’ seamless coordination on the court. Their unity was a testament to the team’s success. They were more than just athletes; they were orchestrators of teamwork and determination.

The victories and championships painted a narrative of triumph, yet Carl’s greatness transcended the confines of the sporting arena. He led not only in rebounds but also in service. Carl and Wes initiated a scholarship fund, sowing seeds of education for aspiring students.

However, beyond the glories of the court, Carl’s true legacy shines brighter in his community and faith. His devotion to Valley Forge Freewill Baptist Church echoes loudly, sitting at the front row, a beacon of inspiration and compassion. Carl’s unwavering commitment to helping others paints a vivid picture of his character.

Amidst the thrill of scoring 115 points against formidable opponents like Lamar, Carl’s most significant victories lay in being a leader beyond the hardwood. His humility, kindness, and dedication to serving others become the cornerstone of his legacy.

Years rolled by, the echoes of Hampton’s victories fading into distant memories, but Carl Roberson remains a revered figure. His name whispers through the corridors of time, not just as a basketball star but as a guiding light in his community.

“The Little Men from the Mountains” may be a tale recounted in sporting folklore, but Carl Roberson’s legacy persists, inspiring generations to strive for greatness not only in achievement but also in service, kindness, and unwavering dedication to others. Carl Robinson became a symbol of resilience, leadership, and the true essence of sportsmanship—a legend whose impact resonated far beyond the courts, engraving an indelible mark in the hearts of many.