Chancery & Circuit Courts & Realty Transfers

Published 10:18 am Friday, April 5, 2024

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Chancery Court

Kathy Grindstaff and Jesse Hampton vs. Donna Bell (partition suit)

Brandi Michelle Mottern vs. Micah Jacolby Collie (divorce)

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Amber Renee Cook vs. William Arthur Cook (divorce)

Lyndsey Caswell Lawson vs. Ashley Lane Arnold (order of protection)

In Re: Dylan Lee Castile by Johanna Short (conservatorship)

Jeffrey Scott Brewington Jr. vs. Tamara Nicole Brewington (divorce)

Carolyn Suzanne Palmer vs. Billy Jack Palmer (divorce)

Cierra Brooke Fannon vs. Justin Kevin Fannon (order of protection)

Amy Michelle Diamond vs. Johnathan Adam Diamond (divorce)

Hailey Kinner vs. Richard Edward Kinner (order of protection)

Suzanne Carol Williams vs. Joseph Andrew Gilbert (divorce)

Dallas Burns Campbell vs. Angelia Dawn Taylor (divorce)

Denver Michael Moses vs. Chrissy Lashea Moses (divorce)

Carter County Tennessee vs. Delinquent TaxPayers of Carter County

Tennessee (tax suit)

City of Johnson City Tennessee vs. Delinquent Taxpayers of Carter

County Tennessee (tax suit)

Joscelyn Goldberg vs. Matthew Goldberg (divorce)

Eric Bailey vs. Melissa Bailey (divorce)

Janna Lucrettia Akers Cline vs. Kevin Duane Cline (divorce)

Perrier Chyresse Sherles vs. Cory Richard Ferranti (order of protection)


Circuit Court

Sarah Audette vs. Kevin Michael Yon (foreign support)

Catherine Perea vs. Edward J. Garza (foreign support)

Lori Burleson vs. Graywolf Properties LLC (appeal)

Kaleb Scott Myers vs. Sarrah Grace Myers (divorce without minors)


Realty Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office:

John D. Merritt et al to Timothy W. Gouge, Dist 5, $19,000

Wayne T. Hayes et ux to Carrie Suanna Taylor, Dist. 9, quitclaim

Patricia A. Guinn et al to Patricia A. Guinn et al, Dist. 13, quitclaim

Jayson Daniel Rockett, personal rep to Dylan Weigel et al, Dist. 6, $220,000

Bethany Hyatt to Zackary Quade, Dist. 7, quitclaim

Kenneth D. Hartley to Olive Renovations LLC, Dist. 9, $210,000

Myra H. Richardson to Ethan D. Hagie, Dist. 16, $170,000

Hanna Julian et al to Daniel S. Haldeman et ux, Dist. 5, $230,000

Jeffrey M. Heibel to Jeffrey Michael Heibel, trustee, Dist. 18, quitclaim

Cody Hensley et al to Brett Long et al, Dist. 17, $148,000

Joanna Holt et al to Elise Guadagno, Dist. 15, $175,000

Carolyn P. Buckles to Dustin N. Burkett, Dist. 10, $160,000

Loretta Estep to Ruth Ann Richardson et al, Dist. 17, quitclaim

Daniel R. Smith et ux to Ashley Ward et al, Dist. 14, $245,000

Willam M. Weaver to Elizabeth Ann Walls, Dist. 15, quitclaim

Rick Carr et al to William Job Woods et ux, Dist. 8, $150,000

Michael L. McKinney to Billy J. Taylor et ux, Dist. 6, $20,000

James Chadwick Mitchell et ux to Chuck V. Parlier et ux, Dist. 15, $250,000

John L. Treadway to Amie C. Williams et al, Dist. 17, quitclaim

Ralph E. Simmons and Sandra S. Holder to Sandra S. Holder et vir, Dist. 17, quitclaim

Sandra S. Holder to Ralph E. Simmons, Dist. 17, quitclaim

Jerry Hitechew to Jeff Chambers, Dist. 15, quitclaim

Sheila Sturgill to Christine D. Cox et al, Dist. 10, $255,000

Linda Sue Abel et al to Byrl L. Clark, Jr., Dist. 3, quitclaim

Byrl L. Clark, Jr. et al to Linda C. Abel, Dist. 3, quitclaim

Byrl L. Clark, Jr. et al to Jeffrey Keith Clark, Dist. 3, quitclaim

Jeffrey Keith Clark to Linda C. Abel et al, Dist. 3, quitclaim

Dana Childs to Paul Dailey et ux, Dist. 7, $17,900

Hunter Nave to Michael L. McKinney, Dist. 6, quitclaim

Louie J. Greene to Jerry Bowers, Sherrel Nave, and Daniel Montgomery, trustees of McKinney Cemetery, Dist. 6, quitclaim

Jeffrey S. Wagner to Billy Dixon et ux, Dist. 14, $35,000

Melvin Estep et al to Ruth Ann Richardson, Dist. 12, $3,000