Alana Parsons: Making a difference on the diamond

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, May 2, 2024

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BY C.Y. Peters

Alana Parsons had always felt at home on the diamond. From her high school days at Unaka High to her current stint at Milligan University, softball is more than just a game—it’s her passion, her purpose. Each swing of the bat is a story of dedication and determination.

Her college journey began in the picturesque town of Banner Elk, North Carolina, where she took her first steps onto the field as a member of the Lees-McRae team. But it was Milligan University that became the canvas for her burgeoning talent, under the watchful eyes of Coaches Wes Holly and Wes Holly Jr.

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Back in Unaka, Alana was a legend in the making, winning games for the Rangers with her powerful hits that seemed destined to land in the neighboring football field. Her skillfulness earned her accolades, including the esteemed Larry Bowling Memorial Award presented by the Carter County Sports Hall of Fame.

Now, as a sophomore at Milligan, Alana is proving her mettle once again. In her final home game of the season, she stepped up to the plate with the weight of expectation and the thrill of anticipation. With a crack of the bat, she sent the ball soaring into the horizon, marking her eighth homer for the Buffaloes.

Statistics spoke volumes of her impact—28 hits, 24 in conference games; 16 runs scored, 14 in conference games; 27 RBIs, 25 in conference games. She is a force to be reckoned with, a player whose presence on the field sent shivers down the spine of her opponents.

But Alana’s journey isn’t just about numbers; it was about the grit and resilience she displays with every swing. Despite facing formidable pitchers and relentless competition, she stands tall, her determination unshakeable.

Her base-running is evident, darting across the field with lightning speed, her footsteps echoing the rhythm of victory. And though she walked only ten times this season and was only caught one time, each step was deliberate, each move calculated to propel her team forward.

In the realm of conference play, Alana’s slugging percentage of .754 and on-base percentage of .395 are testaments to her dominance. She isn’t just a player; she was a game-changer, a force of nature that sweeps through the diamond with unparalleled ferocity.

From Unaka High to Milligan University—with pride. Each swing, each hit, each run is a chapter in her story, a testament to her love for the game. Alana Parsons, in the hearts of fans and foes alike, a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.